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Dawn Olsen gives us the lowdown on her personal scariest movies

Top Ten Scariest Movies of All Time

Let's move this party to the family room and list the SCARIEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME.

I am the gore champ. I was seeing scary movies at age ten with my dad. Sure it looked a little odd taking your ten year old daughter to see THE FUNHOUSE, but hey, it's better than my mom and I going to see FLESH GORDON.

Drumroll please…


10. Pyscho – Yes, it was scary, some say the scariest, but I am just too jaded to give it any higher than 10.

9. Nightmare on Elm Street – Good heavens did that give me nightmares, I can't even be in the same room with striped sweaters.

8. Trilogy of Terror – Karen Black, possessed dolls, witchcraft; my parents should be jailed for letting me watch this. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how freaking scared I was, still won't leave my feet hanging over the bed.

7. The Exorcist – All movies about possession are JUST FUCKING WRONG.

6. Friday The 13th – The first one I ever saw and kept me awake for about six months. The scene where Kevin Bacon gets it through the neck with an arrow – post-coital death – THAT IS JUST WRONG.

5. Halloween – Well this is just plain obvious – plus anything with Jamie Lee Curtis – mmmmmm…

4. The Shining – More possession and insane people – just the idea of it. Yikes.

3. Phantasm/Salem's Lot – Just creepy and gross – horror and sci-fi the best combination – they are tied.

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – More reasons to be afraid of Texas – terrorized teens, bloodthirsty hicks. Got To Love It.

1. Night Of The Living Dead – Being the eternal optimist that I am, this movie
removes all hope and is a testament in futility, everyone will be consumed by the living dead. Just horrific in every way. A CLASSIC – Forever.

Okay there is another movie and I can't remember the name of it, late 70s early 80s about a woman, single mom I think, living in California maybe, and she is visited upon by an invisible demon (that is what we are led to believe) some kind of possession shit. Supposed to be based an a true story. In the movie she is attacked, raped and just plain tortured by this thing – VERY FUCKING SCARY. I thought Karen Allen was in it – but I guess not. If anyone thinks of it – I will be in your debt. [turns out it was The Entity with Barbara Hershey]

Happy Halloween!

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