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Of course we all know about diapers, onesies, receiving blankets and binkies - but there are some other essentials that first time parents should know about.

Top Ten Must Have Baby-New Parent Items

There are certain things that every baby needs. Of course we all know about diapers, onesies, receiving blankets and binkies – but there are some other essentials that first time parents should know about.

Automatic Swing – This is a must have – when in use, this item may be the only difference between getting anything done and NOTHING done. The open top kinds with multiple speeds are the best, and any additional features, like music or lights to amuse and soothe baby are gravy.

Bobby Pillow – This is a nursing mom’s friend as it provides support to the baby and mom in the various breastfeeding positions. The great thing about this item is the multi-function capabilities. As the baby grows it can be used to provide support to his head in a laying down position, him looking up at toys or the sights around, in the laying on the tummy position for help with neck muscle development (just prop him up with his arms over the back of the pillow) and when he is learning to sit up, this pillow is perfectly designed to provide support.

ExcerSaucer – Yet another Godsend to new parents (although you will need to wait a few months to use this). There are many varieties, but I have found the ones with the most tactile functions are the best and provide appropriate stimulation to keep baby happy and occupied.

Books on Baby’s Health and Development – With so many to choose from, I have found the one by Penelope Leach and the American Academy of Pediatrics are the best at answering baffling questions about your new baby.

Gymini – This is yet another multi-function toy. With a cross bar that allows for easy toy attachment and a playmat in the black, red and white colors that babies see first, this toy can be packed up and taken anywhere. Babies love these!

Car seat Coverall – Another item with many varieties on the market ranging in price. These are excellent for all seasons and keep the baby covered when transporting him or her from the car into the elements.

Lullaby CD/Music – Especially helpful for those who can’t sing or shouldn’t sing. Find one that you won’t mind hearing over and over again, as that will be the case with this item. Music is excellent stimulation for babies and I find the classical ones are the most soothing for newborns.

Medicinal Remedies – All babies have some ailment at some time. You will need INFANT’S pain remedies on hand (beware – don’t confuse CHILDREN’S with INFANTS – they come in different doses. It’s a good idea to have both ibuprofen and acetaminophen in case of fever. They can be used simultaneously to fight fever (PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR). Make sure you have some sort of gas medicine on hand too – babies have plenty of that and it can be extremely uncomfortable.

Baby Front Style Carrier – This is optional, but parents swear by it. I got the top of the line model from my sister, the Baby Bjorn and its top of the line for a good reason. Easy to put on and keeps baby snug and in place. Takes some getting used to for baby, but eventually they will learn to love the closeness and it can make getting things done easier with your hands free.

And most importantly……

A NIGHT OUT AWAY FROM BABY – Even the most progressive child experts insist that parents need to get away from baby regularly – usually once a week, even if it’s just a couple hours. Don’t feel guilty, just do it and enjoy the time spent and you will find yourself refreshed and ready to enjoy the special bond you have developed with your baby.

Disclaimer: All above mention and listed items should be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. USE COMMON SENSE AND CAUTION.

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