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Top 5 On-Screen Hunks

I didn’t want to seem sexist, so I wanted to also mention my top 5 on-screen hunks. These men make my blood boil and my heart beat fast. I must admit that I have man-crushes and if I was gay, then I would definitely want these men.

This list includes more classic hunks for the simple fact that there really aren’t that many hunks in our current generation of leading men.

1. James Dean – This man achieved icon status after only appearing in three films, only one opened before he died in a tragic car crash. His movies include the great Rebel Without A Cause, East Of Eden, and Giant. Often referred to as the greatest actor of his generation, it is hard to distinguish as “the” greatest since he only appeared in three films, but he is among the greats of that generation, which included Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift.

2. Montgomery Clift – That last line brings a nice segway into No. 2. This man was really handsome. His career is more defined than Dean, but his life was also derailed by a car accident. His great movies were From Here To Eternity, Alfred Hitchock’s I Confess, and Judgment At Nuremberg.

3. Rock Hudson – He made a name for himself by appearing in many Douglas Sirk melodramas like Magnificent Obsession and, All That Heaven Allows. He also created a nice on-screen couple with Doris Day in Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers. Rock Hudson defined what a manly man is. And he was gay, so it’d be alright for me to have a crush on him. Well, that applies to Montgomery Clift as well.

4. Paul Newman – He was really good looking as a young man. Even when he got older in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid and The Sting, Paul was very rugged. Call me old-fashioned but I’d take Butch any day.

5. Brad Pitt – Have you seen his body? Man, he has abs of steel. I must admit that Brad Pitt is pretty hot, and I would not be afraid to say that in public. In fact, I have.

Honorable Mentions: Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, Jude Law (although he’s more sexy than hunky), Clive Owen, Frank Sinatra, Robert Redford.

Who are your man-crushes?

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