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Top 5 Greatest Non-Sports Rivalries

Rivalries are a mainstay in sports. It’s the nature of the sports and how games are played. One team/player has to win, and so there also must be a loser. There have been many great sports rivalries: Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, Boston Red Sex and New York Yankees, Adolf Hitler and Jesse Owens (I’m stretching this a bit), Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, and the list goes on.

What I wanted to do was make a list on the rivalries that are non-sports related. If sports can transcend into life, than surely its nature can affect us and how we live. While there isn’t a winner or loser per se, in reality there is such a thing as a good or an evil.

1. God vs. Satan – The rivalry to end all rivalries. Right now, God is winning, and His victory has brought humans and aliens continued life in the universe. In this epic and ongoing struggle, God and Satan are vying for control of existence. If God loses, then life as we know will end. Darkness and chaos will consume anything and everything. Sin will be enjoyable. Wow, that actually doesn’t sound too bad.

2. Jews vs. The World – Depending on how you view the world and maybe on how racist you are, this seems like an obvious rivalry. Anti-semitism has been prevalent throughout the times, maybe even the age of the dinosaurs? You have the Egyptians versus the Hebrews, more of that (I don’t know the specifics, help a brother out), Hitler and the Nazis versus the Jews, and most recently Mel Gibson versus the Jews. It’s everywhere, and if people can’t see it, then the media isn’t do their jobs.

3. The Bush Family vs. “Evil” – You could see this coming. The first Bush dynasty bean in 1989 and Bush Sr. was riding the success of Ronald Reagan and started but never finished the “Iraq Situation.” The second Bush dynasty began in 2000 and will last until 2008. George W. has almost 3 years left to give history more information and reasons to extent that Bush aura for the next century. Jeb Bush has denied rumors of his running for the presidency, but imagine if he did win. Three President Bushes in 20 years. Whoa.

4. Pepsi vs. Coke – Talk about rivalries. They do nothing but compete with each, and copy each other. The most recent soda spin-off is Coke with Lime, which Pepsi came right back with Pepsi Lime. Although I’m sure there is more to it, as a consumer you just know who came first and who followed. Coke does lead in worldwide sales, but it is always easier to catch the leader than it is to maintain a lead. Pepsi’s coming!

5. Wal-Mart vs. Democracy – As a corporation, Wal-Mart destroys its competition with cutthroat pricing and authoritative dictatorship over its many employees. Democracy is about choice, but there usually isn’t a choice when it has the cheaper price for most products. You can’t blame Wal-Mart’s success, but you can blame its route to become the #1 retailer.

Honorable mentions: Apple vs. Microsoft, Intel vs. AMD, dogs vs. cats, humans vs. aliens.

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