Monday , December 4 2023
The new season has begun -- is it good, bad, or just ugly?

Those Desperate Houswives Are At It Again

I'll tell you honestly, I just don't know how I feel about last night's Desperate Housewives premiere. Despite my skewering the show repeatedly last season I was excited for it to return last night. I do tend to enjoy the show even if it is a shadow of what it was during the first season.

This is going to sound horribly cruel and callous, but I was looking forward to Edie Britt no longer being around (due to her apparently committing suicide) and feel cheated that she is coming back. I didn't need her to commit suicide, as was implied in the cliffhanger finale from last season, but it would have been nice to have her off the show permanently. (I know the character has fans in this world, but I simply can't fathom why; seriously, if you like her please comment down below as to why exactly that is.) But no, sadly, Edie Britt is going nowhere, fast. And, what's worse, she's sucking Carlos down the rabbit hole with her and her horrible pathetic neediness.

Let's think about him for a moment, shall we? Carlos is now all for having a full-on affair with his ex-wife, Gaby, and has completely taken the clichéd "but I can't leave her right now, she's fragile" stance towards Edie. It's weird. This is a guy who was supremely angry at his wife for cheating, who horribly regretted his own affair, and now seems perfectly happy to be carrying on with a married woman when he himself is also in a relationship.

I love the addition of Nathan Fillion (Firefly) to the cast, and Dana Delany (Kidnapped) certainly is no slouch, but what about their storyline, this whole history of Katherine Mayfair (Delany) and her daughter thing? I don't know that I like the notion that the show is again going to be bringing in another family for a season, explore a mystery with them, and then quite possibly jettison the characters. It didn't work with the Applewhites, and hopefully outside of Orson we have seen the last of the Hodges; why do that again? Do the current stock of characters have no more hidden secrets?

Certainly it can be difficult for the show to continually find new mysteries to mine amongst the current cast, but this continual bringing in of outsiders, even if the Mayfairs have a history on Wisteria Lane, is less than satisfying. Having so thoroughly hurt the creativeness of the show with the Applewhite storyline, where they took the plot in directions no one wishes to remember, bringing on new people can't help but recall the show's past, grievous, mistakes. And, the Mayfair storyline further recalls the Applewhites in that the big mystery with the latter was "who is in the basement" and the Mayfairs' seems to be "what happened in the attic." Maybe next season the show will get to "how did the bathroom get so dirty," which will be followed by "when will we reseal the driveway" the season after.

What I really want to know about last night's premier is if Felicity Huffman actually completely shaved her head or if she was wearing some sort of prosthetic. If she went Telly Savalas for the show, I applaud her.

There you have it, it was quite the mixed bag last night. What did you think?

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