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“There Are a Few Obstacles”

Like the “Kim: Rot in Pieces” tattoo, the murderous lyrics, she having someone else’s baby, but love conquers all according to Eminem’s grandmother:

    Betty Kresin told The Post from her home in Missouri that Kim has moved back into the controversial singer’s mansion in suburban Detroit.

    “They’re back together,” Kresin said, “and I think Marshall [Eminem’s real name] is very happy about it.

    “He loves Kim and Hailie [their daughter], and Kim is the mother of his child. Marshall is a terrific father and very family-oriented. I’m not surprised he’d want that stability.”

    Since Eminem’s split with Kim, he has been romantically linked to a number of stars, including singer Mariah Carey.

    The divorced duo had been sharing custody of 6-year-old Hailie Jade since their spectacular 2000 marriage meltdown.

    The high-school sweethearts were wed in 1999, but the marriage was a time bomb. The final straw was reportedly Kim’s suicide attempt at their home.

Granny hopes for the best for Marshall and says her daughter sucks:

    “I want him to enjoy his life,” Kresin said of her famous grandson. “Everybody deserves a piece of the pie.”

    ….”I just wish she would go on television and say to her son, ‘Marshall, I’m on TV to tell you I was not a good mother. I know I wasn’t good to you,'” Kresin said.

From the position of one who had (and has) really terrific parents, it’s easy to say “quit whining,” and “get over it,” and see his rants against his mother as somewhat exploitative and manipulative of his audience. But the dude clearly has real issues and maybe his giving voice to those issues will give a few bad mothers (and fathers for that matter) pause and improve a life or two. That would be good.

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