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U.S. Government Releases UFO Report – Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

The U.S. government released a report about UFOs on Friday, June 25, 2021, and it was more than meh. It gave us nothing of substance. With all the excitement leading up to the report’s release, it feels a bit devastating that its findings, for the most part, give us almost nothing new. 

However, as reported by USA Today, this caught my interest. “There have been 143 unexplained reports of UFOs by U.S. government sources since 2004” (reported by aviators, military, and intelligence officers). While that seems like many sightings, the word “unexplained” should be the one to make you sit up and take notice. 18 of those sightings involved objects that had “unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics.” Doesn’t that seem concerning for everyone involved? 

Why are these sightings “unexplained” in the first place? I am guessing that they have no markings revealing their source on them (like military or civilian aircraft do). As noted, some moved in ways aircraft are not supposed to move. Connecting the dots is pretty easy, but the report is “inconclusive” and that is just disappointing.

I guess I am thinking about that movie Independence Day and worrying about aliens who want to wipe us out. In that film even the POTUS (Bill Pullman) didn’t know about aliens and a recovered ship until circumstances brought him to a holding area. There he saw an alien floating inside a tank that looked pretty gruesome. This would accentuate some of our wildest fears about extraterrestrial life, which most science fiction movies have only helped to exacerbate.   

The report goes on to tell us that these sightings are no proof of alien lifeforms, but it does not offer evidence against the possibility of alien life. One of the key takeaways was how some of the objects moved. The report states, “Some UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernible means of propulsion,” Hmm, that doesn’t sound like anything we haven’t heard before. It does go on to note, “In a small number of cases, military aircraft systems processed radio frequency (RF) energy associated with UAP sightings.” 

Okay, so while not confirming or denying anything, it is obvious that some of these aircraft are so unconventional that they defy current capabilities of our technology. Also, the radio frequency detected would seem to indicate that something intelligent is happening on board, perhaps beyond the scope of our current frequencies used to communicate.   

The report also cites 11 “near misses” with our aircraft and concludes that UAP or UFOs are a threat to flight safety but not to national security. I find it ludicrous to think that a danger to flight safety is not a national security issue, especially since the report says that it is “inconclusive” to determine whether foreign entities (like Russia/China) are behind these incidents.

Well, if you are like I am, you will be very disappointed with this report. Its promises of improving the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) through more inter-agency cooperation and expanding data collection amount to more of the same. It feels like this is an uninspired way to treat a public that yearns to learn more information about these objects. While I didn’t expect UAPTF to reveal images of little green people, I was hoping for a more definitive understanding of what is going on in our skies. 

I guess it is the kid in me, but I suppose I’d like to think that E.T. (from the film E.T. the Extraterrestrial) is flying one of those things up there and not the bad guys from Independence Day.  It would be comforting to say the least because, as things currently stand, we aren’t doing anything about these objects other than observing and reporting them. The report even mentions that there were many other sightings that were never captured in formal or informal reporting by observers, meaning a lot more is going on out there than we will ever know.

For now, we have this report which makes us scratch our heads and long for an X-Files type of investigation. Sadly, Mulder and Scully aren’t around to get to the bottom of things. We can look to the skies and wait and wonder and hope for more answers. They are certainly not in this report. You’d do better to stare up at the starry night skies where perhaps the answers will eventually be discovered.

Klaatu Barada Nikto!

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