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If you don't own the The Strokes Is This It then I have to ask you what the hell have you been doing?


If you don’t own the The Strokes Is This It then I have to ask you what the hell have you been doing? The Strokes have single handedly revitalized rock and made it something that is worth listening to again.

New York City’s own, The Strokes have been playing together since 1998, honing their craft and sound. Vocalist /songwriter Julian Casblancas’ lyrics invite you to commiserate in The Strokes world of love, life and living. Those are not new concepts to rock, but the sound of drummer Fabrizio Moretti’s driving rhythm, guitarist Albert Hammond’s tight, but melodic strumming blend harmoniously with Nick Valensi sweet solos – just add in bassist Nikolai Fraiture’s groove and what you have simplistic perfection of rock as it was meant.

The result is a 70’s style that reminds me of Tom Petty’s Americana sound, with Velvet Underground’s New York attitude and Iggy Pop’s determination. Pure Rock Beauty.

Every track is amazing, but some are truly standouts. “Last Nite” definitely has a great sound right from the beginning, straight-up cord strumming, in perfect synch with the punishing beat all building to an explosion of lyrics:

Last nite she said/Oh baby I feel so down/When you turn me off/When I feel left out/So I, I turned round/Oh baby don’t care no more/I know this for sure/I’m walking out that door.

Possibly a classic rock song of the future. Familiar and fresh.

Another great track is the melodic, crisp, clipped and anthemic “Hard To Explain.” A great chorus that makes you, no forces you, to dance:

I missed the last bus/I’ll take the next train/I try, but you see/It’s hard to explain/I said the right things/But act the wrong way/I like it right here
But I cannot stay.

The frenetic “Take It Or Leave It” is full of a young man’s angst. Angry drums, strict chords and edgy vocals, give way to a sensitivity hiding beneath it all.

I fell off the track/Now I can’t go back/I’m not like that/Boys act too much
Girls act too tough/Enough is enough/Well on the minds of other girls I know he was.

I say, he’s gonna let you down/He’s gonna let you down/He’s gonna let you down/And gonna break your back, for a chance/And gonna steal your friends, if he can/He’s gonna win someday.

Bless their hearts – THE STROKES MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.

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