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What Romney should be using on the stump.

The Speech That Would Make Romney President

The American people are not used to the idea of politicians being truthful. This lack of candor in politics produced an electorate that is segmented by politicians who say things that reinforce the opinions of individual interest groups, regardless of truth. The typical politician panders to a specific constituency and tries to expand support by attacking his opponent’s lack of understanding, patriotism, associations or what have you. The typical politician puts together an assortment of bumper sticker issues that broadly nuance his/her stand on the issues to gather supporters in a wide net, but they stay to the base side of the issues.

Mitt Romney is no typical politician in that he has been on both ends of every major current issue. Hardly anyone who will vote Mitt Romney for president will be voting for Mitt Romney because their reason for voting for Mitt Romney can always be disputed by something Mitt Romney has said to the contrary. Most of Romney’s votes will come from people voting against Barack Obama, but will they be enough? Romney is not enthusiastically supported by the right wing of the Republican Party and if their lack of fervor is reflected in the vote, Romney’s (say it for me Sarah) “goose is cooked.”

Romney needs to break with tradition. He needs to say something to the country that distinguishes him, not only from all the other politicians, but also from all the other Romneys; he needs to shock the world. When Muhammad Ali first won the world boxing championship by knocking out an opponent everyone thought would easily defeat him, he went uncontrollably crazy with joy. He jumped up and down and ran about the ring in a rage, repeatedly shouting “I shocked the world,” and, “I’m a bad man.” Shock the world. That’s what Mitt Romney needs to do. One way he can do this is to astonish the country and indeed the world with a speech laden with facts and elevated by the truth within. Romney needs to let the world know that he’s a bad man who can not only handle truth, but will use it to win the presidency. Mitt Romney would shock the world with the words I have supplied here for him.

This is the speech that would get Mitt Romney elected president of the United States:

I believe that there has been far too much attention given to the question of whether Barack Obama is an American citizen. Of course he is, to believe otherwise is to believe that our governmental structure, our investigative media, our vast authority and all the power of resources at our command are so inept that even after 232 years of perfecting this government, we can’t determine something as ordinary as citizenship. Look, believe me, Barack Obama is a citizen and the legitimately elected president of the United States of America. His story is a uniquely American story, the kind of story that can only happen in America. I also believe that Barack Obama is a patriot who loves this country as much as you and I. And, I believe that he has advocated what he sincerely believes are the right things for the country. But I also believe that the policies he advocates are wrong and it is on these grounds that my candidacy opposes him, but I have more to say about the Barack Obama phenomenon.

The truth is this; there was a confluence of circumstances that came together to create a political atmosphere that enabled the election of Barack Obama. In the years after the tragedy of 911, the Bush administration lost the support of the people in so many ways that the people became desperate for change. The country was in two wars that drained the treasury. The housing bubble burst and people were losing their homes; American jobs were being shipped overseas, putting American workers out in the cold. The national economy was being driven over a cliff. We were headed toward a depression, and people got fearful and were clutching for straws; Barack Obama was the straw they blindly seized because he offered change. The country was desperate and willing to have an historic election result in the hope that breaking with history would end the national tragedy we were suffering. The fact is this; Americans made history by electing our first black president, but our situation has only worsened and we can’t afford to reelect this president who has failed to lead the nation and its elected legislative body during this most crucial time.

Barack Obama is a fine fellow and a pretty smart one at that, and he has a lovely family, but he would not have been elected president if it were not for the terrible set of circumstances left by George Bush.

As I’ve said, he is a smart man, but this presidency thing with Obama is decades ahead of its time. The country simply is not ready for Barack Obama. We see this in the manner that he is treated by the people’s representatives in Congress. Let’s be real here: Congress could not reject any president’s every proposal with impunity if that president had the support of the people. In the abstract, by opposing the president, Congress is doing just what the people want it to do. If the people were against this they would surely let Congress know. Congress knows that it needs to work together to solve the problems plaguing the country. But it can’t come together because so many of its members want Barack Obama out of the presidency.

So here we are in a four year long deadlock. Four years of stalemate in which there has been no progress for the American people because this president cannot convince Congress to collaborate with him on policies to get this country moving, simply because our elected leaders, with the strong backing of the American people, reject this new paradigm in the presidency.

No doubt the time will come when America will elect another president from a minority group, but when that time comes we will elect that person based on his or her policy, not fear and desperation, as was the case in the election of Barack Obama. This is what the Congress understands so clearly in its overwhelming opposition to the president. If we want a functioning government with the executive and the legislative branches working together on behalf of the American people we have to put Barack Obama out of office.

We all long for the time when the American electorate will disregard race as a factor in all elections; it’s a noble and elevating concept. But my friends, today we find ourselves in a situation of disastrous decline with a nonfunctioning government that threatens the very survival of the country.

All that stands between us and a government functioning as the well-tuned machine it is capable of being is the defeat of Barack Obama. We can’t hold 320 million people hostage from the promise of America for the sake of one man fate thrust to the forefront prematurely. We must defeat Barack Obama to survive and to keep the noble notion alive that the day will come then any American can rise to become president of the United States.

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