Friday , July 19 2024
Biden and Trump Debate

The POTUS Problem: My Two Cents on the Biden Debacle

Like many of you, and with a heavy, heavy heart, I’ve been doing a ton of thinking about the debate, President Joe Biden’s presidency and the future of a possible Donald Trump presidency. (Think Project 2025). I think Joe has been an amazing President, but it’s not enough. Not this year.

I am especially bothered by three things that happened with the aftermath of the disaster of a debate June 27.

Elites vs Voters

Team Biden pushing off criticism, questions and valid concerns as nothing. As prattle by elites and the media. First of all, I am not an “elite.” I’m not a pundit or an inside-the-beltway commentator. Not a party hack or influencer. I am a humble voter. And talking to friends, relatives, and colleagues, not a day goes by that this topic of whether Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump doesn’t come up. Every day. Friends in Chicago, friends here in Pennsylvania. Everyone I speak with is worried about the danger Donald Trump poses.

I am concerned that Biden cannot effectively take the fight to Trump. We need to fight the Project 2025 of the GOP. Hit it over and over. Prosecute the cast. Biden is a terrible messenger. And Biden cannot push off the task to his team, to his surrogates.

Biden must step aside. He needs to hear the truth. He needs to watch the debate. (He told George Stephanopoulos he “didn’t think” he watched it. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

The Stephanopoulos Interview

Which brings me to point #2: What the hell did Biden’s response to Stephanopoulos’s question about what happens if Trump wins. That scared the shit out of me.

“Well, I would have done the best I could.”

Uhhh. No, Joe. That wouldn’t be the best you could have done. (Handing the reins to someone who can take the fight to Trump would be that!). And really????? That’s your answer????

The Non-Primaries

Biden’s assertion that the people have spoken already in the primaries….Uhhhhh…what? You were essentially unopposed (and I would guess if people understood where you were physically and more, people would not have voted for you. With a better choice, I certainly would not have voted for POTUS this time round. So this argument is nonsensical.

Trump CANNOT be president. We must pursue a tough wall as a bulwark against Project 2025. That is all that matters. Full stop. Whatever it takes, Joe. Whatever it takes, people who are speaking only in private. Enough ego. Enough arrogance that YOU are the only one who can beat Trump. You’re not.

Whether it’s Kamala (who is on fire this week taking it to Trump) or someone else picked in a mini-primary.

It is time. Right after the NATO folks are gone. This weekend. Something has to change–and before the GOP convention and Trump world takes over the media.

The bottom line is that Biden cannot win at this juncture. That is the truth we face. His candidacy could take the House and Senate down with him. He must do the last noble act and step down. I feel he should step down immediately following the GOP convention and Trump World overwhelms the media.

FYI: I’ll be revamping my podcast Let’s Talk TV: Pop Culture with a Political Eye toward the end of the month. (We’re taping the first episode next week). We’ll talk TV (think The Boys, The West Wing, The Morning Show, Star Trek and more–through the lens of 2024 American politics.) I’ll be promoting the first podcast and beyond on my Twitter feed @B_Barnett!

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