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rex tillerson trump moron
Rex Tillerson knows a moron when he comes across one.

The Moron

Rex Tillerson knows a moron when he comes across one.

The eight years of the Obama presidency were tough ones for black folks watching white folks diminish the power of the presidency while a black man held the office; in effect telling 40 million Americans that white folks will Charlie Brown the football every time it’s our turn to punt. But the past nine months have been even tougher. The white backlash against the eight years of the black presidency was to elect a man called a moron by his own Secretary of State; a who man would reinvigorate and bolster white supremacy.

This moron in nine months has turned the whole world upside-down. World leaders unsure of the mental stability of the America president look to his cabinet officers for America’s positions on matters of state. Americans by the millions are confused, embarrassed, and actually frightened for their future. On the other hand, there are, also, Americans enjoying multiple orgasms from the chaos the government has been thrown into.

In nine months, this moron has but one real accomplishment, not counting the reversal of countless Obama policies, and that one achievement was made possible by the refusal of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate majority to take a vote on Barack Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, making it possible for the new White House to register an early, but singular win in getting its nominee appointed to the Court.

The jerks who follow this moron seem satisfied, though he has failed miserably in all other areas of governance. Mexico hasn’t paid for the wall; this might only be because the wall hasn’t been built yet, and I’m sure the jerks will say a check from Mexico will be forthcoming as soon as it’s completed. They seem satisfied, these jerks, although the moron built his political appeal by lying to them that Barack Obama was foreign-born. It turns out that Obama is more American than the moron who is being investigated for being a Russian plant and collaborator.

rex tillerson trump moron
Rex Tillerson knows a moron when he comes across one.

It does really dishearten me to hear the moron make comparisons between his actions and those of President Obama. He ought to stop it. The truth is this: Donald Trump would have to stand atop Trump Tower to muster enough character to kiss President Obama’s backside.

These jerks are satisfied that though the moron promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on the day he took office, and though he and the Republican Party had seven years to form a plan, it all ended in a sham.

But these jerks aren’t really jerks. They didn’t really care about the things the moron failed in anyway, because he has accomplished the one thing they wanted. He has extended white rule for another four years – maybe – and if his immigration policies are enacted, he will forestall the day when whites will become a majority-minority and another generation of whites can experience and practice white privilege. These are the people for whom the moron can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support. The divergence is slick; not many white people will own up to the slippery game of bait-and-switch they are playing.

During all of this, African Americans are going through what in the stock market would be called stagnation – a downturn, a contraction, a slowdown, a decline, a fluctuation, a slump – a Trump slump. Even enduring a major setback or selloff. And black folks aren’t alone; American democracy is also going through the Trump slump.

Here is how I sometimes like to look at the history of black progress in America. If we were to chart the last 400 years of African American progress on a stock graph, in 1609 the graph line would be mighty low, but over the next four centuries you would see a steady rise in of African Americans’ progress – oh, there were downturns and declines, Reconstruction turned out to be a setback, the Plessy vs. Ferguson contraction, and shit, the crack epidemic was a sharp decline, but our overall trend has been upwards. And even after we suffer through the Trump slump we’ll return to our upward trend. MLK said it this way: The arc of history is long but it bends towards justice.

I believe this even in the face of this enormous resurgence of white nationalism aided and abided by the top man. There are times when it seems there will never be any racial harmony in this country, but if you want to know what America is going to look like in the future go to the malls. These last nine months were tough times and there is more to come, but even the Trump slump can’t stop The America We See in the Malls.

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