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The Matrix Reloaded Reviews and News

Neo news – we have become Matrix Reloaded headquarters with multiple reviews and news of the new film covering a bewilderingly wide range of opinion and angle of observation listed here in reverse chronological order, to whit:

The MILFtrix Re-boner’d – by Jim Treacher
Warning: Spoilers for, and scatterbrained whining about, The Matrix Reloaded (just in case I’m not the last nerd on Earth to go see it) It took George Lucas 20 years to forget everything that made people love his movies. How…

Animatrix – by Maura McHugh
The Animatrix: great anime, pity the stories aren’t always up to scratch

The Matrix: Shooting Blanks – by Robert Jones
I’m late to the party, but still: What a big ball of suck!

What I Learned from Matrix Reloaded – by Bill Sherman
It’s more than a movie – or is it?

Ten Things About ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ – by Peter Petrisko
I went. I saw. Some questions and observations about “The Matrix: Reloaded”

Matrix Reloaded – by Nyghtfall
In 1999, a movie was released that would garner a cult following that hasn’t stopped growing since. That movie was The Matrix. The…

The Matrix: Reloaded, Redux – by Phillip Winn
After watching the film again with my wild theory in mind, I have to throw most of it out.

The Matrix Reloaded Makes Strides in Racial Diversity – by Madison
It seems that only other Black people have noticed (and appreciated) how the Matrix Reloaded sports a cast that is mostly people of color.

Reloading The Matrix Reloaded – by Andrew Duncalfe
I went and saw Matrix:Reloaded again today, and it was definitely better the second time around. I walked away from it the first time with the impression that it was too long, too much to get your head around in…

Yet Another Matrix Reloaded Review – by Sean Gleason
I don’t expect anyone will be disappointed with the action of The Matrix Reloaded.

Matrix Reloaded: Tanked – by visualsimplicity
Tank MIA in Matrix Reloaded.

The Matrix Reloaded – by Matt Moore
For a movie that I’ve been looking forward to since the closing credits of the original, it was pretty disappointing. If the original had never come out, or if it hadn’t been obvious that there would be a sequel, or…

The Matrix Reloaded – by Jay Caruso
Leave Comparisons To The Original Aside And Enjoy It

Hunger, Satisfied – The Matrix: Reloaded – by Kate Sherrod
This first of two sequels to The Matrix satisfies and makes more hungry at least one Blogcritic.

Reloaded: Worst Sequel Since Rocky III – by Larry O’Brien
Not since Rocky fought Mr. T has a sequel so failed to live up to the quality of the original. The original Matrix was dedicated to keeping the action, surprises, and humor coming, no matter how contradictory, illogical, or downright…

Matrix Backlash in Record Time – by Eric Olsen
The headline of Dan Ackman’s consideration of The Matrix Reloaded in Forbes screams, “How The Matrix Ruined Movies.” As far…

The Matrix: Reloaded – Warner Bros. – by Phillip Winn
Better than the original, but mainly because of a completely wild theory of mine that is probably completely wrong.

The Matrix murders – by James Russell
The Matrix hype is giving me the shits. In that spirit, I bring you this article showing how The Matrix…

Wake Up! Other Cinematic Dystopias Besides The Matrix – by Flea Rosca
The Matrix isn’t the only dystopian cinematic vision that encourages philosophizing. Here are other films of a similar bent…

Qu’est-ce que c’est, le Matrix? – by Chipstah!
French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin is Agent Smith from the Matrix movies.

Why The First Matrix Is Still Better Than Reloaded – by Flea Rosca
Watching Reloaded, you get the feeling the Wachowskis had a strong need to top themselves. Well, they didn’t, coz they made the mistake of focusing on cool effects instead of telling us a better story. Hasn’t Star Wars taught them anything?

THX-1138, Reloaded – by Ed Driscoll
Is the Matrix Reloaded merely a zillion dollar homage to an earlier dystopian film with a bitchin’ car chase?

Matrix Reloaded Album Soundtrack – by The Theory
It seems that usually the best movies have the worst soundtracks. Or bad movies have great soundtracks. One fine exception to this is the “O Brother, Where Art Thou” phenomonon. The “Reloaded” soundtrack comes nowhere near that. The list of…

The Matrix, Part Deux – by Solonor Rasreth
Well, it didn’t suck. I just didn’t like it as much as the first one. Of course, with the first one I didn’t have someone practically screaming into their cell phone during a key scene… The story of Neo trying…

Matrix Reloaded Misfires – by Ernest Svenson
I didn’t enjoy the Matrix Reloaded as much as one or two others apparently did. But, like them, I was really captivated by the original Matrix. I own it on DVD, and have watched it at least 30 times. And…

Reloaded- again – by The Theory
Here is another review to add to the swarm of Matrix Reloaded blogs that are massing I shall try to review it in a truthful way that won’t reveal any spoilers. First off, I enjoyed this movie. The fighting…

Bake Your Noodle: The Matrix, Uploaded – by Joe Katzman
No spoilers. We just reload you with lots of good Matrix-related stuff. Prequels, bloggers cheering for the machines, and the good folks at Metaphilm and beyond with their coverage.

The Matrix Reviewed – Sean Hackbarth
(WARNING: Post contains spoilers.) The Matrix Reloaded was fun. The fight scenes were the best I’ve ever seen. They were choreographed superbly even if the Neo versus 100 Agent Smiths looked more like a video game than movie. That was…

Matrix Finally Here – by Eric Olsen
The movie is big news, the video game may be bigger news: Movie-themed video games aren’t exactly a novel idea, but none can match the hype surrounding Atari’s Matrix game, which will work on all the major gaming platforms. The…

and last but certainly not least, the post title of the month,

The Matrix Rocked Turbo Hardcore Hot Monkey Ass – by Vivian St.George
Go see it. Go see it now.

Check these puppies out and relive, or prelive, the magic, or something.

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