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Megyn Kelly looks into the television camera and speaks in a manner that suggests she thinks there are only white children in Santa Claus’s world.

The Kelly Files: White Christmas, White Santa

Holiday-MoviesThere is this woman on Fox Television who is assuring children (white children) that Santa Claus is a white man.

Megyn Kelly looks into the television camera and speaks in a manner that suggests she thinks that there are only white children in Santa Claus’s world, or, that only white children matter when it come to the racial identity of Santa Claus. She addresses the children as if they were a monolith; she is wholly oblivious to the fact that her words will reach the ears of children of different racial groups, or she simply doesn’t give a shit. She has three children of her own who, one can assume, she has already made aware of all the implications of race distinctions. This is the territory she wallows in daily at her workplace. After all she is a race provocateur working on Fox where this kind of behavior is expected and, indeed, encouraged and rewarded.

I have a theory: I think that this girl isn’t just reckless, racist and despicable for no reason. I think she is clever like a fox on Fox. Either she has learned lessons from the kings of nasty radio, or taken a training class at Fox Television on how to be provocative. I think that she identified Santa Claus as a white man openly on television to attract attention and have her comments echo over and over again on Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media, as well as on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert – the kings of progressive-thinking television. The surest way to reach socially progressive people with your idiocy is to make it so brazen that it is picked up by Stewart or Colbert. So, this shrewd creepy-ass Instigator wanted, or needed, to show her bosses at Fox Television that she knows how to stir the pot of racial hatred during this time of seasonal brotherly love to bring attention to herself and to the cause of her employer. Bull’s-eye.

What brought the subject to this girl’s mind was an article that appeared on Slate raising the possibility of making Santa Claus more diversely acceptable by making the mythical figure a penguin, ridding Santa of race identification. Fox’s creepy-ass racist rejected this idea immediately, for her Santa is indisputably a white man. She saw no need to change that fact just because it made some people uncomfortable.

Now this she has three offspring whose future she may be impairing. The world is changing and changing fast. Look at how fast public opinion flipped on the question of gay marriage. Fifteen years from the date of the “white Santa” comment, the racist thinking behind that attitude will have greatly vanished. The type of bigots who need the artificial crutch of white privilege will have dwindled to a few. In fact, the division of Fox Television that extolls this divisiveness and employs a large crew of bigots will have been replaced by reruns of The Cosby Show. Her children will be in college finding it difficult to defend their mother who will be universally viewed as an ignorant bigot – oh, those poor kids, who won’t be able to dispute the digital footage their mother is compiling daily and which will be readily available to their classmates as evidence of their faulty family heritage. The scale of racial tolerance may have been tipped so much in 15 years that these children may have to denounce, if not their mother, surely her words.

I have another theory: I think that what compels this provocateur and other white people to want Santa Claus identified with them is the fact that Santa is viewed as a benevolent figure, generous, wise and endowed with super powers – like the white man thinks of himself. They wouldn’t want children around the world, surely not white American children, to attribute these fine qualities to a black Santa Claus. The view of the black man and black people that they want to convey is 200 years old.

As all of you know, this is not all that this Ms. Kelly said. She even asserted that like Santa Claus, Jesus was a white man. No need to handle that here, the American clergy will enlighten her on that score. Besides, you all know the deal here. That debate done come and gone.

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  1. This is so dissappointing Horace. I have so much respect for you but I must disagree. The origin of Santa or St. Nick was of fair or light skinned color. Jesus was not black but olive skinned colored or as my daughter tanned. Facts for the true Saint Nick to hate to say it but white and then follows Santa again hate to say it but white these are facts. It is the culture of the peoples that have changed the color of Christ and Santa. So we have Christ and Santa portrayed in the color of the culture by the culture nowadays. Do we always have to bring race or color of people in to everything? I grew up with almost every culture being a military dependent. I never there was a difference in race by skin color until I moved here to Charleston, S.C.