Sunday , September 20 2020
Sex Pistols, Monkees, Kid Rock, Puff Daddy and Fleetwood Mac - my "top" five.

The Five Most Overrated Bands

1. Sex Pistols- Manufacted by Malcolm McLaren. They were basically
talentless but very stage-managed. They had maybe two decent songs “Anarchy” and “God Save the Queen”, but when you compare them to the Clash it’s like comparing Kid Rock to Beastie Boys; one has a smidgen of talent and new ideas and the others are the real thing. The band’s reunion tour shred whatever integrity or punk attitude they had left and made me respect the Clash more for refusing to do one.

2. Monkees – I know, I know. Cute. Funny. And… they didn’t write their own material. Most of it was written by other people. And yet they are still coasting on their songs.

3. Kid Rock. Crap. Nuff said. Sales doesn’t prove quality. Just look at Elvis.

4. Puff Daddy/P. Diddy. I may be white and have no sense of beat but neither does he and that is a problem. Put another way, when I notice his lack of beat that’s a bad sign.

5. Fleetwood Mac. There are “rumors” they were good. Those rumors are wrong.

(Correction: Diddy/Daddy has beat and rhythm – he just has no lyrical ability and is so pretentious and self-important in everything he does he makes Donald Trump seem modest.)

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