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I was all prepared to tell you what was wrong with last night's episode, and then...

The Desperate Housewives Discussion That Wasn’t

I sat there last night watching Desperate Housewives and thinking to myself how I had to write today about just how disappointed I was with the episode. The only plotline I remotely liked was Bree's going all insane over the lemon meringue pie recipe, and even that felt a little too over the top.

I mean really, how can Lynette be upset that Gaby does not want to watch her friend get chemo? That is such an intensely personal thing, for both the receiver and the witness that if one side does not want the witness to participate how can fault be found? Is it not enough that Gaby attends the luncheon for Lynette and does her best to support without actually witness? Unquestionably the treatment is worse for Lynette than those around her, but how can someone who did not want to tell her friends about her illness be upset that her friends need time to come to terms with it?

Then there was more idiocy with Mike and Susan. Mike went about informing Susan of his worries with Julie attending a party in the worst possible way. Mike absolutely has a right to voice his opinion on parenting matters dealing with Julie, but once Susan said yes, Mike was hugely wrong to question the decision right then and to do so in front of Julie. His voicing a dissenting opinion to Susan with Julie sitting right there forces Susan to make a decision she should not have to make – whether to side with her new husband or her daughter. Mike has a right to his opinion and a right to voice that opinion but the forum in which he chose to do so was horrific.

The show also featured one of the characters I most dislike on a show I enjoy, Edie Britt. She purports to truly love Carlos, so why does she extort a marriage proposal only after completely ignoring his request for her to be quiet about his off-shore bank account and buying an $80,000 car on his dime? I'll tell you why – it's because there are few more despicable characters on television than Edie Britt; it's because Edie Britt well and truly represents all the ills of our society as they pertain to relationships and money. Sure, I have railed against Edie in the past, last week I even wrote about how I was distressed that it seems as though she won't be leaving the show despite the oh-so-tantalizing possibly put forth in last season's finale.

As I said above, I was prepared to talk about these things and say how upset I was that the show's treatment of these issues seems completely inconceivable. I was prepared to discuss my upset at all these events and explain in excruciating detail how and why and when and where the episode went hugely wrong. And then, a wonderful thing happened. I don't for a moment believe that it will all work out as I might choose for it to, but right now there is a glimmer of hope. Right now there is the slight possibility, a minor opening, the most outside of outside chances that Edie Britt will be murdered because Carlos went out and hired a hit man at the end of last night's episode to do just that.

I don't truly believe it will happen, things won't go that smoothly, Edie Britt will live to inflict more torture on the residents of Wisteria Lane. However, if the producers are smart enough to know that the audience (and by "audience" I mean me) want to see her gone and three episodes in a row delve into the possibility of killing her off, it might bode well. Maybe, just maybe, they're getting the point and are looking into the best possible way of eliminating my problem. While I like Carlos, if he ends up going to jail for this, I'll happily accept that fate if it means that Edie Britt is no more.

Keep those fingers crossed, people.

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