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This last long grasp of white supremacy might last for more than a decade or two – who knows, and there will be times when it musters other spurts of vitality, but nothing like 2016.

The Coming Last Long Grasp of White Supremacy

I suspect that when the smoke clears from this current racial controversy more white people will have a better appreciation for where black Americans are coming from and be more willing to accede to the black viewpoint that white people have been crushingly brutal in their treatment of people of color, and it is now time to remove all of the symbols of their ruthlessness from public spaces.

When this battle has been won by black activists and white progressive forces it will signal the coming long, last gasp of white supremacy. White supremacy is dying; it has been slowly dying for hundreds of years. The pace accelerated in 2008. But, as it has been able to do over the long offensive course of its existence, white supremacy has a tendency to exhibit strong spurts of vitality when it has received a powerful setback and feels more threaten. The 2016 presidential election was viewed by a sizable number of white people as their last stand; they win that election or perish. The 2016 election would be their last chance to recover from the stench of the 2008-12 elections. In the ’60s we referred to this almost impulsive reflex as White Backlash.

I’m convinced that more white people will be pulled towards black reality because the lines of the current controversy are so raw it shapes the different positions distinctly with absolutely no room for ambiguity. On one side the White Nationalists, the Neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan oppose the removal of the symbols of the Old South, and on the other side are black activists and white progressives who sense that the time has come to achieve an additional phase of black liberation in America by taking down the symbols of the Old South. In addition, moderate white Americans have been exposed to the real face of Donald Trump, making it impossible for whites to amalgamate in the numbers and social and political diversity as they did in 2016 – not to even happen again.

Since the white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine black Charlestonians worshipping in a historic Charleston, SC church, they have been calls to remove the monuments and symbols of the traitorous south, though not in those exact terms, South Carolina removed the Confederate flag that flew on its capital statehouse grounds. Since that time, the momentum for removal of the symbols has been expressed in a national outcry. The old symbols of the Civil War south are coming down all over America.

The ranks of the progressives are swelling daily as white people ignorant of the backgrounds of the instillation of the statues stumble upon the truth. Most white people have never given any thought to the issue and when and if they did, they would have thought that these symbols were erected as some innocent historic memorial to a past that in their minds were contradictory but honorable – a small town’s way of bestowing honor and connection to its past and presence.

With all the nonsense that is found on the Internet, sometimes the truth can shine through and even take hold. This is the case of the many stories of how and why many of the statues and monuments to Civil War figures were erected. As it turns out these symbols were put in place for a much more aggressive mission than unsuspecting white people would have believed. In many cases, these symbols were intended to intimidate African Americans in times when whites thought that blacks were making inroads in jobs, housing, and education. Lynchings and statues of KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest or Robert E. Lee were means of menacing the black community as well as a means to reassure whites that their status would be protected. Much of this went on after WWI and WWII; some time during the early 60s lynching halted, but the statues remained.

As more wholesome thinking white people become more familiar with the issues surrounding black oppression, it will be more difficult for white supremacists to recruit them to their side for an issue further isolating and diminishing the ranks of white supremacist. From now until after the 2018 med-term election, white supremacists will be outnumbered by tenfold wherever they appear. This will happen as a political strategy of the Left, but also because it is the moral thing to do.

Come 2020, with the Right fringe on the run, and white supremacists covering their faces again, America might be ready for a major course correction and maybe even some redemption and making more history. The course correction will be in election of a progressive politician to the presidency; the redemption would be in electing another black politician to the presidency and letting that person do the job, and making history would be to elect a woman president and finally shattering the glass ceiling. Sounds like I’ve just described Senator Kamala Harris of California.

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  1. Dr Joseph S Maresca

    Confederate statues should be removed and put up for sale to be bought by private estates or museums interested in the historical record. Many college educated people are populating the ranks throughout the country and this upcoming Generation Z probably understands the wisdom of creating more modern role models for display in the public square.

    Politics is becoming more and more local. As such, residents are beginning to demand that painful reminders of the past be removed to make way for future progress. Before 1800, Benjamin Franklin tried to do away with slavery but he was voted down and marginalized by the politicians at the time. ( mostly for economic reasons)

    The result of not doing away with slavery earlier lead to the growing divisions which precipitated the Civil War. The recent events in Charlottesvile prove that Colin Kaepernick’s silent protests had merit, although Former Potus Obama wondered about the venue. Increasingly, the NFL is under pressure to reinstate Colin into a position commensurate with his playing ability and past performances on the field.

    The fact that the Charlottesville municipality issued a permit to the White Supremacists is quite surprising. This type of event should not have been approved by the municipality since the personal safety of local residents could not have been protected adequately. The counter protests proceeded without a permit, streets were not closed in the periphery and the National Guard was not called in as a precaution. The municipality simply did not put into place sufficient protections to manage a foreseeable tragedy in the making. Without certainty, much of the downside could have been avoided with better planning.

    Potus Trump should not have made additional commentary after his Monday condemnation. The rest is the subject of an evolving Justice Department Civil Rights Inquiry to establish verifiable facts and deal forthrightly with Civil Rights violations.

  2. I suspect that when the smoke clears from this current racial controversy more black people will have a better appreciation for where white Americans are coming from and be more willing to accede to the white viewpoint that black people have been crushingly brutal in their treatment of people of color.

    Blacks 13% of U.S. population and commit 50% of all homicides in the U.S.with 90% of those killing other blacks including black children. White people are not pulling those triggers bro and most all of us want you to stop it. And another thing. Stop calling blacks Oreos and uncle toms when they make there way into American middle class society and take responsibility.

    I don’t give a shit about the symbols of the Old South, tear them all down, but the fact remains that not one of those symbols of the Old South dose anything about taking responsibly for and addressing the facts in the above paragraph,

    • Does the “white viewpoint” also accede to the fact that white people are “crushingly brutal” in their treatment of white people?

      “Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of African Americans victims were killed by African Americans .”

      Taken from “Race and crime in the United States” here

      • Does the “white viewpoint” also accede to the fact that white people are “crushingly brutal” in their treatment of white people?

        Most homicides are intraracial is a no brainer and that’s never been at debate. Not sure what your point is but I have a pretty good idea..

        Christopher Rose, you should be ashamed of yourself for intentionally avoiding commenting on the sad and horrific suffering of blacks in this out of proportion reality.

        My point is the horrifically sad fact that only 13% of the US population commits over 50% of the homicides and they all happen to be black. This is so horrifically out of proportion it is mind numbing.

        Worse, if that were possible, anytime one of these black youth try and make it out or make it out of this meat grinder and into productive society the other blacks try and tear him down by calling him/her an Oreo (black on the outside and white on the inside), Uncle Tom (house ni**er), race trader etc., etc., etc.

        Blacks who have made it out and become successful at their chosen endeavors and espouse libertarian or conservative political ideas are constantly being torn down by white leftist progressives with the exact same slurs as in the above paragraph and these whites do it to send a disparaging messages direct to the black communities against these successful blacks.

        Then you have the blacks leftist progressives like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have made themselves millionaires saying the same exact things the white lefist progressives say about successful libertarian and conservative black people to send a disparaging messages direct to the black communities against these successful blacks.

        I can provide you with more YouTupe professional videos then you would care to watch proving everything I am asserting.

        • Not really sure what you are chundering on about but maybe you could have a go at answering my question…

          • Not really sure what you are chundering on about

            Yes you do, anyone with half a brain clearly understands it. This is your second attempt at avoiding taking about it you little twit.

            but maybe you could have a go at answering my question.

            I already did, put your glasses on, frist paragraph in last post. ..

          • Well clearly I am just not as clear sighted and wise as you, so bear with me and spell it out in simpler terms.

            See, I got the impression you were coming across as racist but I am obviously mistaken…

          • Reread what I posted and tell me specifically where/what you do not understand.

          • I don’t understand any of it.

            You appear to think in racial stereotypes of black and white, whereas I don’t understand what that could possibly mean as race is an illusion.