Wednesday , April 24 2024
The war in Iraq is a battle of GOOD vs. EVIL. Which side are you on?

The Case For War Has Been Made

Where do you stand Americans? Are you willing to fight for freedom from EVIL, VILE, RUTHLESS DICTATORS who continue to procure, create and distribute forms of weaponry that the entire free world deem inhumane and without question unacceptable?

Are you willing to take the chance that Saddam will not use those already deeply hidden weapons on his neighbors, his people or our allies? Do you fear war so much that in the face of the obvious you will choose to hide your head in the sand, risking ours and the world’s safety against weapons of such hideous and inconceivable destruction that can only be described in biblical proportions?


I am BEYOND being patient with the “peacenik” community. I have grown weary of their lack of understanding that we live in a different world than we did thirty years ago. We live in a world that is plagued with real DEATH and real DESTRUCTION at the hands of a man that WILL and DOES want to destroy humanity and all it stands for. We all enjoy peace because the brave before us were willing to die for it.

I have a daughter that I hug just a little tighter than I did 18 or so months ago. When I once feared the unthinkable and unpreventable accidents that might befall my only child, I know must consider the INTENTIONAL and UNCONSCIONABLE acts of a madman unleashing God knows what on to the world all for the insatiable desire for power.

The U.S. and its REAL ALLIES, represent the last stand of good versus evil. We are not a perfect nation of altruism. We make mistakes and take lives in our pursuit of freedom. But freedom comes at a real cost. Lives. I would much rather risk the lives of our loved ones for the pursuit of freedom from the likes of Saddam Hussein, than cower in our corner of the world waiting for our enemies to come get us.

That’s why September 11 was allowed to occur. We didn’t meet our enemies head on. We became so enveloped in our own wealth and prosperity and ignored the world around us. A world that grew to resent being ignored. WE MUST NOT IGNORE SADDAM. Saddam represents a blind hatred for freedom, happiness and a pursuit of higher purpose. He rules only to destroy.

We have seen his kind – Hitler, Stalin – OSAMA BIN LADEN. Evil can only be destroyed through force.

If you are not compelled to join our President in his quest to squash this regime, then you can not call yourself an American, and you don’t deserve the freedoms that our forefathers killed and died for.

Do those who oppose this quest have no shame? Secretary Powell did what he set out to do, he made his case quite effectively and without question.
The U.N. must stand with us, or step aside. One way or the other, Saddam must go. I feel it in my bones the same way the Jews who were being lead to the deathcamps knew their fate.

It’s Saddam or US. I choose to stand with my President, because I understand the real cost of Peace and Freedom – standing up to our enemies.

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