Monday , April 15 2024
Terminator and Top Gear... I'm happy with both and you should be, too.

Terminator and Top Gear: Not Bad for a Monday Night

I know that you've disagreed with me some about this, I know that you think I'm not right, but today I come to you with proof. Not only is Top Gear the best show on television, it walks on water… literally. Last night's episode actually featured two separate vehicles, a modified Jeep and a snowmobile, traversing a lake. That's right, a Jeep, complete with wheels, and only wheels, on the bottom crossed a lake without sinking. That's right, the car walked (or rode) on water. Are you still going to argue with me about the series?

You are, aren't you? That's not fair. The show walks on water and you're still not convinced?

Okay, how about this – last night's episode not only featured a car and a snowmobile traversing the top of a lake, before Jeremy Clarkson went in-depth on the engine of a BMW, he split the screen in half. He stayed on one half of the screen discussing the engine and on the other half he put a bunch of cuddly kittens for the non-engine interested folks.

See? The show has something for everyone and yet you won't watch it. I find that curious. I'd find it more curious if you got BBC America (many of you probably don't), but I find it curious that more people don't get BBC America, so I find it all curious.

I'm also rather curious about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Last night's episode pushed John Connor way off to the side… way off to the side. I understand that the show is given Sarah Connor's name, but it still seems odd. I liked the episode, I thought it was not only fun and lively, but progressed the overarching plot, too. It's not always the case that episodes of a TV series are able to do both, so I applaud Sarah Connor for that. At the same time however I worry about its portrayal of John. Eventually John has to become the leader of the resistance, the savior of humankind, the man with the plan. Right now, though, he's little more than a petulant teenager. Yes, he does go out and save people and fight others occasionally, but it's not often and that's where the "little more" comes in.

I don't want to complain too much though, you'll get the wrong opinion. I'm excited by the show thus far this season. I don't know about its vision of the future and how there are now so many Terminators and resistance fighters to send back in time, but I want to learn. They're creating a whole new Terminator universe, and, I'm not sure that they were comfortable with that last season, but they do seem comfortable with it now. They now have me curious about their new look at the Terminator universe. They're expanding the mythology and making it their own, they're willing to accept losing some diehard Terminator fans here and there for their changes, but they're doing it anyway.

I'm finding the show fun because I want to know where they're going, because I want to see more of how they view the universe they're building. Who knows, maybe my faith is misplaced, maybe the journey won't be worth it, but for the time being I'm willing to travel with them.

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