Thursday , October 21 2021

Tattoo Reality Show in the Offing

“Ms. Tek, you’re on in five minutes.”

Tattoo artist Paul Booth to star in a new reality show:

    A new art form is about to hit reality television. World renowned tattoo artist Paul Booth will open his New York-based studio to a global viewing audience with his new one-hour reality TV series “Last Rites Tattoo Theatre.” Currently, several networks are actively bidding for the broadcast rights. The show will bring into sharp focus the growing global recognition of the tattoo arts.

    Named by Rolling Stone Magazine as the “King of Rock Tattoos,” Booth developed the show in tandem with partners Mia Reed and Frank Cannava (who collectively comprise RBC Entertainment). The show is represented by Mike Trager, former Chairman of Clear Channel Entertainment Television.

    “Last Rites Tattoo Theatre” shares something in common with breakout cable shows like “Monster Garage” and “American Chopper.” Each episode will feature Booth and his creative staff of tattoo artists working on a new tattoo for both celebrity and non-celebrity guests. For most people, there’s a two-year waiting list for a Booth tattoo, but with “Last Rites Tattoo Theatre,” everyone can climb into the chair every week. His latest media deal with a tattoo talk radio show,”Paul Booth’s Beneath The Needle” (coming soon to XM Radio) has created over 10 million hits a month for the “Last Rites” Tattoo Studio website.

    Booth, along with Reed and Cannava, also formed the Tattoo Artist Group (TAG), the world’s first management organization exclusively representing tattoo artists. Among TAG’s all-star roster, Paul Booth (Slayer, Superjoint Ritual, WWE’s The Undertaker), Filip and Titine Leu, Guy Atchinson (Jesse James of “Monster Garage”), Michele Wortman, Bob Tyrrell (Kid Rock), Kurt Wiscombe. RBC is also currently negotiating a distribution deal for their documentary about the life of Paul Booth and his world famous Tattoo Studio.

I’m not sure there is much inherent drama in the concept, but I’m sure there are enough tattoo-heads out there who will want to see the needle in action.

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