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I recently had the opportunity to ask Tate Donovan some questions and get some much needed answers.

Tate Donovan Talks About the Damages Finale

People out there who have been watching Damages religiously (of whom I am one) have one great hope: that, come the season finale, the questions will be answered, that things will be wrapped up. In a recent conference call, Tate Donovan, who stars on the show as Tom Shayes, had this to say on the topic: "The big central sorts of mysteries are solved. But what they’ve done is they set up a dynamic for next year that is fantastic. I mean when I finished reading it I was like, 'That is so good.' It totally makes you, you know, satisfy and then it totally makes you go, 'Oh, my God. I got to check out next season because that’s going to be amazing.'"

This is all well and good, although, as Donovan is quick to point out, the show has not yet been picked up for season two. While he was not forthcoming with specifics as to the finale or the cliffhanger, it is nice to know that the producers know where they want to head.

Frequent readers of my column will know that I have not always been happy with the way the story has progressed. I have been unsure as to the series's direction as well as individual plot points. It is true that Donovan was not always given insight into where his character (or the story) was going prior to getting the script. This of course does not mean that the producers were not aware of the entire plot. For his part, Donovan notes that while he may "like to know the story arc… this has been one of the best experiences in my life. I think ultimately you just want to know that the people who are in charge are really bright and really good." Donovan quickly follows this up with the fact that the producers "really are super bright and really good at what they do… I know that they’re going to come with something great. So it’s just great to be part of it."

He also points out that that neither he nor the cast was able to figure out who killed David before reading the final script. However, once the cast read the script and saw the answer, that "it makes total sense… they’ve [the producers] been sort of laying this sort of plot for a long time. And when you’re – when you find out who the killer is you’ll be like, 'Oh, wow.'"

I think we can all be happy to hear that, because with two episodes left in the season, the show has an incredible amount of wrapping up to do. Starting on October 16 this happens, as the time between the Frobisher case and Ellen Parsons' incarceration dwindles down to zero. With this episode the two time periods melt into one and things should, hopefully, become clear.

I, for one, have my fingers crossed and am quite excited to find out who murdered David Connor (I have some suspicions, but won't be sharing).

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