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Taking Care of Your Skin in Your 30s

Taking care of your skin at any age is important. Your skin, especially on your face, is the first thing people notice, and you should do your best to keep it in tip-top shape. When you get into your 30s, often your skin has suffered quite a bit since your youth. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your skin looking bright and youthful without having to purchase expensive serums and products. Here are four things you need to use daily to help keep your skin looking fresh and bright.

Gentle Cleansers

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, a gentle cleanser can be a beneficial tool in your skincare routine. These gentle cleansers, which can be found in just about any drug or beauty store, are ideal for keeping irritation to a minimum, even if you have a good bit of scrubbing to do. Cleansers for oily skin are perfect for getting rid of the excess makeup, dirt, and sweat at the end of the day. In your 30s, you want a cleanser that is going to remove the impurities but not irritate your skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can also be beneficial for your skin, especially as you get into your 30s. There is even some evidence that applying ascorbic acid topically – as opposed to taking it in supplement form – might help your skin produce more collagen and reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Using products with Vitamin C every day might also help heal wounds, moisturize the skin, and reduce acne inflammation, even if it is adult acne.


Many people tend to skimp on moisturizing, and only apply it when their skin feels dry. You need to be moisturizing your skin on a daily basis, though. Many experts recommend moisturizing the skin on the face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Moisturizing in the morning helps hydrate your skin, while moisturizing at night helps the skin repair itself while you sleep. When you moisturize, your skin should be clean and dry. Use your fingertips to spread the moisturizer over your face, unless it is a heavy cream, where you should use your palms.


It should come as no surprise that wearing sunscreen is one of the best skin care habits you can get into, no matter your age. Sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that you absorb when outside in the sunlight. IT’s important to get some sunshine so your body can make essential vitamin D, but too much ultraviolet can be extremely damaging to the skin. Sunscreen can help protect against further sun damage, sunburn, and more, in your 30s and beyond. Get a sunscreen that protects from both UVB and UVA rays, with an SPF number high enough to prevent a burn (experts recommend an SPF from 30 to 50). Reapply as you need to. Sunscreen should be worn daily to protect your skin, and not just during the summer months.


Taking care of your skin is not a difficult task. In fact, it’s often just a matter of applying a few things during the day, cleaning your face, and wearing sunscreen. In your 30s, you should be doing all you can to take care of your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

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