Monday , August 2 2021

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DVD Review: Bandidas

Sit back and enjoy an hour and a half of pure action and fun.

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DVD Review: Serenity

The Serenity universe is dusty and messy, peopled by thieves, prostitutes, suck-ups, disgruntled veterans, and garden variety assholes.

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Movie Review: The Work And The Glory: American Zion

There have been many films that have been made that deal with religious intolerance. Many have dealt with Christianity, Catholicism or Judaism. The Work And The Glory: American Zion deals with the little known (compared to Christianity, of course) Mormon faith, and how the Mormon people, led by Joseph Smith …

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Grasshopper Snatches Pebble

David Carradine, who isn’t Chinese and only looks vaguely Asian because he squints a lot, is back in the spotlight with his title role in the Kill Bill films and with today’s DVD release of the first season of Kung Fu. I loved Kung Fu when it ran on TV …

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