Thursday , November 26 2020

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fx's new John Corbett dramedy.

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Minority Report

We watched the DVD of Minority Report last night and I was shocked how good it is. The film works as an Fugitive-type crime thriller, a psychological study of loss and grief, as a clever and convincing sci-fi gee-whiz spectacle, and most importantly as as provocative cautionary tale regarding factors …

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Rumbling Through Ocean’s Eleven

I finally broke down and got a subwoofer for the surround-sound system. Damn, what a difference: it ties the whole thing together like the final adjustment of the microscope that brings everything into focus. You don’t realize how much sound you feel rather than hear: there’s a lot of rumbling …

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The First 60 Minutes of 24

24 is back and we were glued to the tube last night for the opening episode. The no-commercials (they were all attached to the beginning and the end) ploy worked well, moving the action along – it was tough to decide when to pee. In case you have been in …

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