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Why Technology Accelerates

A simple explanation of why technology is accelerating and what this means for our future. Read More »

Singularity Watch: The Group Mind

Will the Internet push us toward a non-hierarchical model of social reorganization? Read More »

Singularity Watch: The Talking Bauble

Is there anything that doesn't come with audio? Read More »

The Singularity Thang

For those living under a rock, here's a primer on this here new-fangled technological Singularity, with jokes. Read More »

2010 Summer Video Games: Catch Up on What You Might Have Missed

Back to school blahs? Have some fun exploring high quality video games you might have missed this summer. Read More »

Music Review: Robby Krieger – Singularity

Robby Krieger opens a new door in his career. Read More »