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Beyond a Clinical View of Health

Prayer, meditation, diet, exercise – what have you found that helps you lead a healthier life? Read More »

Doctor, Will You Pray with Me?

Doctors need to be prepared for prayer requests from their patients as prayer and integrative medicine are more frequently used. Read More »

New Views in Caring for Health

Patients are driving change in available health care options. Read More »

Divinely Inspired Humor Removes Fear, Heals Body

Despite suffering multiple injuries in an accident, this writer found comfort and healing through God's love and good humor. Read More »

Medical Screenings: Saying “No” Can Be a Boon to Health

Increased alternative medicine use and a growing awareness of over-diagnoses are changing the face of health care. Read More »

Is Health Affected by Worry and Regret?

Focusing on the positive instead of worrying gives health benefits. Read More »

Proof in the Prayer

Is prayer a valid option in the healthcare arena? Read More »

WHO Suggests Modern Medicine Must Change

The Antimicrobial Resistance crisis leads the World Health Organization to state that modern medicine as we know it may be coming to an end. Read More »

Great Expectations

Placebos and the expectation effect. Read More »

Genetics & The Mind-Body Connection

Dr. David Agus calls hope “one of the greatest weapons to fight disease.” Are there other thought-based weapons as well? Read More »