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Political Fact Check: Obama is Hitler Posters

Despite the claims of the media and politicians the Obama-Hitler posters actually come from the far left. Read More »

Single-Payer is Not the Problem

Single-payer only becomes a problem if the single payer is also the single provider. Read More »

Democrats Send in the Thugs

The shirts were purple not brown, but the tactics were a harsh reminder of authoritarian politics. Read More »

National Health Care in Under 1,000 Words Instead of 1,000 Pages

Fixing health care in the US ought to be easy. Why is it beyond the ability of our political leaders? Read More »

Five Steps to Real Health Care Reform

We need to look at the real causes of our current health care mess and fix them, not just do more of the same at a huge cost. Read More »

The Human Cost of Health Care Reform

With rationed care you trade cost reductions for a great cost in human lives and suffering. Read More »