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History on Book TV

We have been neglecting Book TV of late, the weekend mini-network on C-SPAN2 concentrating on serious nonfiction. This weekend’s feature is “24 Hours of History”: Join Book TV this weekend for 24 hours of History starting midnight on Saturday December 21st to midnight Sunday December 22nd. Authors will discuss the …

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The End of the American Era – Uh, No

I have complained here rather vociferously that many entertainers are ill-informed, naive, and/or just good old-fashioned stupid regarding politics and policy. They are, of course entitled to their opinions, but the danger lies in the fact that entertainers hold much sway over fans, and are at minimum going to have …

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Nicolas Lemann on Daniel Ellsberg

Long New Yorker essay on Ellsberg and his new book on the Pentagon Papers: To anyone over a certain age (forty-five?), Daniel Ellsberg needs no introduction, but it would be quite a challenge to explain Ellsberg to someone who had never heard of him. There was this brilliant young man …

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Comic Books and Other Necessities of Life

If you don’t agree with the premise embedded in its somewhat whimsical title, than Mark Evanier’s Comic Books And Other Necessities of Life (TwoMorrows Publishing) probably won’t have much to say to you. A collection of pieces from a weekly column entitled “POV” that Evanier wrote for the Comics Buyers …

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Bad Fads

Though its title and cover (cartoon image of the lower half of a hot pants clad babe) give the impression it’s another of those pb sneer-a-thons, Mark A. Long’s Bad Fads (ECW Press) is actually a more benign creation. A print edition of the Museum of Bad Fads site that …

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