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Book Review: Sex God by Rob Bell

...Think about your moment, and think about how it made you feel. You were full, you were alive, you were connected. That is what Sex God is all about. Read More »

Book Review: Why Won’t You Talk To Me? Selected Stories by Richard Duggin

Nine poignant tales about the leavers and the left, the deceivers and the deceived, in the human heart's hunt for love. Read More »

Is It Raining?

Sometimes we don't see the obvious. Read More »

Book Review: One Voice Too Many by Paul Martin Midden

Can a family survive the challenges that stress brings to life? Read More »

Christian and Divorced

In the Christian world, there are only two acceptable reasons for divorce: adultery and abandonment. My situation did not fit either. I was stuck. Read More »

Love and Marriage….Church and Marriage

Chuch and marriage will only work when God is put back in full control Read More »

Book Review: Happily Married With Kids by Carol Ummel Lindquist

Addresses the expectations, crises and provide tips on how to sail through married life happily with kids. Read More »

Married Young and Stereotyped For It

I can’t count how many times I hear that I’m too young to be married or having a baby at 23. Read More »

Susan Pease Gadoua’s Plan to Overhaul Marriage

Saying marriage needs this kind of overhaul is like saying we need to widen the roads because texting drivers are plowing into adjacent properties. Read More »

Book Review: Before You Say I Do, Again by Benjamin Berkley

According to Psychology Today, 60% of remarriages fail. What are the reasons? Read More »