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Product Review: The Maxi Kick Scooter from Kickboard USA

Convenient, engaging fun for your children that is also cost-effective—what more can a parent ask for? Read More »

iPhone App Review: All-in Pedometer

Count your steps and much more in this review of the iPhone app, All-in Pedometer. Read More »

Expect the Quick Demise of Bank of America’s $59 Membership Fees

Membership fees exploit a legal loophole to profit off customers in credit card debt. They won’t be around long. Read More »


Chain-texting is the new nasty cigarette habit of Gen Y. "Qwerty" should be a dirty word. Text junkies need social rehab. Read More »

Book Review: Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends by Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD

An evangelical Christian counselor discusses homosexuality without histrionics. Read More »

R U a Pomo Bobo?

I'm the epitome of the ubiquitous pomo bobo — and in all likelihood, dear reader, so are you. Read More »

Six Money-Saving Tips, the Andean Way

Ancient wisdom for today. Read More »

DVD Review: Food, Inc.

What’s for dinner? Maybe a more important question is “where did it come from” or “how did it get here?” Read More »

Things I Failed to Learn from My Grandmother

She grew, preserved and cooked her own food, and almost never threw anything away. Read More »

Book Review: Happy to 102: The Best Kept Secrets to a Long and Happy Life by Kathy N. Johnson, James H. Johnson, Lily Sarafan

Here’s how to enjoy a health span that lasts as long as your lifespan Read More »