Friday , December 2 2022

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Canadian Election 2006: Final Thoughts

This election did not give the Conservatives a mandate to remake the country in their own image. But it has given the country the opportunity to take a long hard look at the party and what it has to offer.

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Canadian Election 2006: Final Dirty Weekend

What remains to be seen is if they've persuaded enough Canadians that they (the Conservatives are) not the scary boogiemen the Liberals depict them to be and they end up with enough seats to form a majority government.

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War On Terror Comes To Canada

...we had pinpointed the location of not just one but two sleeper cells of Al Qaida terrorists in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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A New Face For Latin America

The real shadow from the past that is cast over Mr. Morales, and all attempts to create an egalitarian society in Latin America, is the threat of American intervention.

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