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Book Review: Global Deception by Joseph A. Klein

Are the conspiracy theorists right? Read More »

Debt-Fueled Stimulus: What’s the Cost?

Dumping $1.9 trillion in borrowed money into the economy of course stimulated it. The question is, was it worth it? Read More »

Swastika Flap is a Flop

Both the offending and the offended are wrong about the offense. Read More »

Birth and Taxes

Since my birthday is the day after the April 15th filing deadline, Tax Time is particularly poignant for me... Read More »

The War in Iraq: Three Years In

Has it been worth it? Read More »

Financing Water for All

Should one try to attract more private sector participation or depend solely on public sector? Read More »

I’m Confused About…Politicians

Individually, politicians are usually thoughtful, honorable, and reasonable. Why is it, then, collectively, it's like watching monkeys in a zoo? Read More »

US Patriot Act: Compromising Americans’ Civil Liberties

The Patriot Act under fire. Read More »

Movie Review: The Crimes Of V For Vendetta

Being no friend of the British political system, watching Parliament get ceremoniously blown to little chunks was a delicious tactile feast. Read More »

Rumsfeld’s Missed Opportunities

Donald Rumsfeld tried to reform the structure of the military. Now he's blown that, too. Read More »