Monday , July 13 2020

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Review: Into The West

Fans of the Harry Potter series can look forward to the second well-directed movie in the series

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Most Mothers Happy, Peppy and Bursting With Love, Per New Survey

Despite recent grim characterizations in popular culture such as ABC’s smash Desperate Housewives and Judith Warner’s popular book Perfect Madness, the latter of which posits modern motherhood as “an endless sea of child-enriching activities” leading into “a well of despair,” a new survey finds that an overwhelming majority of mothers …

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Ontario Bans Pit Bulls

Everybody is quick to blame the dog in the case of an attack, but maybe we should be looking at the animal at the other end of the leash.

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Society: A Good Investment

...start to reinvest in our society what kind of dividends will it pay out in twenty years time?

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