Wednesday , June 3 2020

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Another Wreck and Cameron

Sunday night on the Discovery Channel, James Cameron, Titanic’s “King of the World,” takes on another famous lost ship: The Bismarck, the German warship that went down in 1941 only nine days after it’s departure from Germany. On the show’s site, you can examine the underwater wreckage of the ship, …

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Bond Babes Bounce on AMC

In conjunction with the forthcoming Bond flick Die Another Day, AMC is going Bond-girl crazy: From Dr. No’s Ursula Andress to Halle Berry in the new movie Die Another Day, Bond Girls were once portrayed as angels with broken wings, yet now emerge as strong, sexy and intelligent women who …

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Chet Baker As Symbol of Celebrity-Worship

James Gavin discusses Baker documentary Let’s Get Lost in the NY Times: IN “Let’s Get Lost,” his 1989 documentary about Chet Baker, the fashion photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber shows a photograph so erotic that his camera all but drools over it. There stands Baker, the jazz trumpeter and singer …

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