Tuesday , April 7 2020

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It looks like Amazon is back (he said cautiously) but it also appears that the pics aren’t showing up on the individual posts until each is rebuilt. I am rebuilding the entire site right now but if the Amazon link isn’t showing up on a post of yours, please feel …

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Amazon Still Fritzed

For those who missed it, about 72 hours ago Amazon installed new software for their affiliates. It hasn’t worked right yet other than a couple hours on Friday. Writers, please keep putting those ASINs in as usual and when Amazon gets their manure compressed they will show up as usual. …

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Changes and Comments

Hello Blogcritics writers and readers – we are in the process of moving the site to a new hosting company. As always seems to be the case under such circumstances, all kinds of things have come up unexpectedly and we are having to deal with them one by one. For …

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.Org, not .Com

We have one remaining problem with the site today: while we control both blogcritics.org and blogcritics.com, we are still having problems getting the .com address to point to the right address. Please make sure you have the blogcritics.org address in your favorites, blogroll, links, etc. Blogcritics.org is our primary address. …

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Sorry for the Inconvenience

Please accept our apologies for the technical difficulties with the server that shut us down from last night until now. We have had quite good luck on that end, so I guess we were due. Things seem to be back to normal now – thanks for your patience and support, …

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