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Sure I Like Desperate Housewives, But I Have Some Questions

I like Desperate Housewives, I know that I complain about it on a regular basis, and am going to do so below, but I do like the show.  It's funny and over the top, it's just not as funny and over the top as it used to be.  The first season set the bar so high, I just don't think the producers have ever obtained that level again.  On with the complaints…

Bob and Lee.  I think they're great additions to the show.  I hope that they will have the opportunity in the future for a truly serious plotline, but for right now the show seems to be working them into the overarching story slowly, bit by bit (it's a good plan).  But, I want to know some things about the way in which the fountain-sculpture plot unfolded, so please, enlighten me in the comments section below.  First question:  if Bob and Lee knew that the homeowners association was nominating a new president (and they did because they talked to Lynette about it), why did they not attend that meeting?  That way one of them could have gotten nominated to run against Katherine Mayfair rather than Lynette having to jump in and do it. 

But, even before that, why didn't Susan just ask Bob and Lee to not turn the fountain on until a decent hour of the day.  Surely they could have agreed on that.  If Bob and Lee's complaint was Susan being loud during the day and them needing the fountain to drown her out, why did they have to turn the fountain on to drown her out at 6am when she was still asleep?  If they had just worked out a compromise the Katherine/Lynette homeowners association face off would not have been necessary.

Lastly with Bob and Lee, I'm curious as to exactly how small the Desperate Housewives universe is.  These two guys just happen to know someone on the board of the same hospital that Katherine used to work at.  Katherine just happened to come up in a conversation Bob and Lee had with their friend and so they were able to find out Katherine and her husband's (the woefully underused Nathan Fillion) Chicago secret.  Anyone want to sing a line or two from that Disney classic about the size of the world in which we live?

Enough about Bob and Lee, I also have a question about our dear friend Bree and it's been bothering me for weeks.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bree was an horrific parent to her first two children, right?  Didn't she end up ditching one of her children on the side of the road and hiding the other in a convent because the girl was pregnant?  Hasn't Bree shown herself to be a wretchedly bad parent?  Why does she think she's going to do a good job with this new child that she is planning on stealing from her daughter?  What's worse, in my mind anyway, is that no one on the show has pointed out this inconsistency to Bree.  Surely her loving children ought to be chiming in on Bree's parenting skills at some point.  And, if they don't want to I certainly will.  I'm giving the show just one more week before I dash off a quick note on some lovely stationery for our dear Mrs. Hodge.

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