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It started as a small cult show and ended as a success. And now we celebrate.

Supernatural a Success at the People’s Choice Awards

Never mess with the Supernatural fandom. That was the lesson of the 2013 People’s Choice Awards. The ceremony, with all of its revelations and trepidation, took place Wednesday night, and Supernatural – with all of its stars and affiliated individuals – make quite the stunning appearance.

Supernatural’s always been that little show that could; halfway into its eighth season, it’s still going strong despite the fact that it’s always been a cult show with a small viewership. It’s struggled, changed networks, gone through hell both literally and metaphorically, and yet it’s still here. And, with the way things are going, it may still be here for a while; the ratings appear to have increased significantly since season, and the show’s presence and success at the awards can only increase its chances.

Supernatural snagged the award for best science fiction/fantasy show; its two stars were also nominated for best dramatic actor, but, as any Supernatural fan will tell you, you do not put Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki against each other in a competition. They’re a package deal, which explains why this particular award went to Nathan Fillion instead. Still, It’s not just the show but also the fandom that was honored last night; Supernatural fans won “favorite fan following” with a viewership that’s significantly lower than many other shows in the running, including Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead. We may be few, but we’re passionate and we will get this show the recognition it deserves. You don’t mess with us.

The best part, however, was the attendance of the stars themselves. When the show was nominated (and won) several categories last year, none of the cast or crew were invited to the ceremony; as a result of which all hell broke loose (I’d say “literally,” but given the content of the show, I’m forced to avow that Mark Pellegrino did not make his satanic presence known).

In short, last year’s show received many angry and indignant protests from fans who felt that they and their show had been scorned, and clearly were a scary bunch. This year, both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles walked the red carpet along with some very big stars, including Robert Downey Jr, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence, and two Supernatural stars even presented an award. For a dedicated fan like me, it was more than gratifying to see “our boys” in the midst of such noteworthy names.

And quite an appearance they made, too; I bet none of your favorite co-stars color coordinated their attire. Jensen and Jared play brothers on screen, and it’s evident that spills over into real life. Jensen Ackles’ sported a suit I’ve heard described as “maroon,” “aubergine,” and “oxblood,” and it was not a single shade different from costar Jared Padalecki’s tie.

Both actors attended with their beautiful wives; Jensen was accompanied by Danneel Ackles, who “debuted her baby bump” (Don’t ask me. I don’t know why baby bumps need debuts; they’re not teenage girls, after all!) and looked like a supermodel doing it. Jared Padalecki was accompanied by former Supernatural costar and now wife Genevieve Padalecki, who, true to her role as Ruby, appeared in a dress of the same shade.

Both ladies were striking and brought smiles to the faces of “our boys.”  All in all, it was a parade of stunning looks and joy. And that’s a pretty good thing, because we need some happiness in our lives right now: Supernatural’s next episode airs Wednesday, and I foresee pain. Lots of pain. Supernatural is a sadistic show, and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it, but in the meantime, I’m full of joy and pride at the little show that could.

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  1. I know is been months since PCA, but I started to watch SPN only a month and a half ago and I simply love it. And at first when I looked for the ratings, it was hard for me to understand, how the ratings didn’t reflect the impact this series has on people. Because I’ve seen vids of their conventions, and is always full with passionate fans. But after reading this, I’ve realized that probably is a small fandom which have a loud voice and are faithful. And you know, I love that.