Thursday , May 19 2022

Spying on Prince

From the mysterious “spy on the sly”:

    My headlights beam back a purple blaze of two symbols adorned upon the black gates. This is the way to 3121. Up the long driveway to a royal white mansion. A valet graciously opens my door. I had not attended the Oscars but suddenly felt like a star transformed on the 10 feet of purple carpet that went up the stairs towards his 20 foot tall glass doors.

    This is the story of two solid nites that felt like one huge experimental historic jam. If I had the nerve to talk to Prince, I would — just to ask what kind of vitamins he takes to throw a party, jam until 6 am. Get up, go to the Oscars, jam until 7 am.

    Normally, I would name drop every celebrity there; but I prefer to conjure up the moment (right before Pam Anderson spilled her drink on me) that left me energized and exhausted, exhilarated and delirious. A witnessing of raw passion of unequivocal talent that tasted so sweet, so dang good, it was THE moment captured at ‘3121.’ And it had nothing to do with Oscar host, Chris Rock trading political commentary with Spike Lee nor good-looking couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe hobnobbing with Clive Owen and Chris Tucker.

    A perfectly synchronized Asian vibe complemented the mood. Food — delectable. At 3 a.m. the house band walked in. Behind them, lavender lights punctuated by a beautifully lit, now infamous symbol floating above the steamy pool set the tone. (The backyard can be viewed by the “invisible” glass wall — providing an amazing backdrop for what was to come.)

    The band started to jam. Lead vocalist, Ashley, belted out some classics while Frank’s keys began to percolate. Halfway through the set — a flash of gold to my left caught my eye. I paid no mind, thinking it was just Christina Aguliera’s hair or perhaps Maroon 5’s collective beaming faces. Didn’t matter… I was getting into a comfortable 2-step when the earth shifted. The energy changed. Everyone around me leaned in. The music got FONKIER. I looked around … the chef, the waitresses, the ENTIRE STAFF all stopped working and straight up started GROOVING! I thought I was in a reproduction of “CARWASH”!

    I knew Jeff Gordon was in the house, but he was walking, not driving. I stepped up a few feet and saw the housequake in the flesh crack the floor in two! PRINCE was SIMULTANEOUSLY playing keyboards and guitar in the middle of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish.” My mouth fell open and my drink nearly fell out of my hand into Cedric the Entertainer’s lap. I saw folks run and grab their people in order to witness the incredible sight.

    The man was on FI-YAH! The windows were smoldering. Regina King’s gold lame dress was curling up. It was so hot in there the devil was ‘fraid to set foot. Cora, the drummer — broke it down so hard, she popped the skins back on the little piggy’s belly it came from.

    Prince in his beautiful gold mandarin collared outfit was having such a blast, I elbowed Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz out of the way for a closer look. I’m no stalker but after his searing guitar solo in “Whole Lotta Love”, adding a lethal cocktail of funk to “Rock Steady”, reinventing Michael J’s “Don’t Stop till You get Enough” — well, I had to stare because no less than two feet in front of me was a Rock Star causing an eclipse in his own living room.

    Suddenly in the middle of dancing and playing he flipped us a synchopated groove that I can only compare to… well.. to nothing I’ve ever heard before: “Thru the gates.. Leave Ur clothes on the floor… Take Ur pick from the Japanese robes and sandals… Don’t you wanna come… 3121… Gonna b so much fun… 3121… U can come if U want 2, but U can never leave…”. I thought an anthropologist was gonna investigate it was so off the missing-link chain!!!

    Even reclusive Joni Mitchell couldn’t resist shaking her thang while Rachelle Ferrell added a vocal flair that extended the jam into a 24″ single. Black Eyed Peas cut in to wrap it up, but they just unraveled it more and allowed Prince to string us along.

    When I finally peeled myself from the moment, I scanned the room and saw the look of amazement on every face. Jaded celebrities looked like giddy little girls getting their first Barbie. And I don’t mean Pam.

    I was surprised I lived to see past the dawn.

    3121. I have a feeling it’s just begun.

Okay, so I’m envious.

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