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A wonderful story and an enjoyable method to read it, what more could I ask for?

Sony Reader Adventure: Born of Fire by Sherrilyn Kenyon

As a long time fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunter series, I was anxious to begin reading her novels (three currently released) focusing on The League. A search for these books was the first thing I did after receiving my Sony e-reader (pocket edition) and I was delighted to find they were available in the Sonny e-store.

I'm not new to the e-book phenomenon, as I've read from my computer for months before purchasing a Kindle Two earlier this year. So, it was with experience and enough knowledge to compare that I was ready to put the e-reader through the paces.

The first advantage I discovered with this reader is it was capable of accessing books from a variety of sources, as it only needed to be a compatible file. However, I've yet to find a reason to look beyond the Sony E-store, as both variety and pricing are inviting and enticing. Within a few short minutes, I'd downloaded Born of Fire (the second book in the League series) and was reading.

The thing that's most attracted me to Kenyon's books in the past are the characters she creates. They've been through the worst, but still find a way to continue on. I was sure that wouldn't change in this new world she'd created, and was not disappointed in the least. With Kenyon always a master at a unique setting, Born of Fire takes place in a futuristic universe, fraught with danger. Kenyon pits the hero, C. I. Syn aka Sheridan Wade– an alleged thief with a surprising past – against the heroine, Shahara Dagen.

Shahara and Syn meet when she tries to apprehend him to collect the bounty and pay off her sister's medical bills but, because of an unexpected twist-of-fate, work together to retrieve a chip Syn hid a decade ago in order to save both their lives. Though they are opposing forces, one is pursued by the other, romance and love blossom. As loyal readers of Kenyon know, the road to happily ever after is bumpy and twisted with each turn leading to a darker, more treacherous path. It is a journey that will be enjoyed by paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans alike.

As a woman-on-the go, there are several advantages to reading books on the Sony e-reader, but the one that was far-most important and impressive was the long battery life. The claim that you could charge it and forget about it for two weeks was taken with a grain of salt. I'd yet to own an electronic product – let alone an e-reader – that could that boast that sort of battery life, especially with heavy use. The truth was, even with daily use I only had to put the reader back on the charger last night, after a full two weeks of use, and then I still had ¼ battery life left. One disadvantage is that the e-reader only comes with a computer/USB charging cord. It would be nice to have a cord that could be plugged into a traditional outlet, but it is a minor disadvantage. The only time I can see where it would become a major issue is while traveling.

Another plus with the Sony reader is how compact it is. When I first took it from the package, I feared it would be too small – my aging eyes often have a problem with teeny-tiny text, but as it turns out, I love the fact I can easily slip it in my bag or purse or stick into the center compartment in the car to keep it out-of-sight when not in use. Text size is not an issue in the default setting but is easily enlarged with the push of a button. Because it is so easy to carry, it's a constant companion accompanying me almost everywhere and giving me the opportunity to read anytime I have a few extra minutes (and keeping me from losing my mind when it's a forty-five minute wait to see the doctor for ten minutes).

As mentioned, I – like most women – am constantly on the go and finding time to read can be difficult. The small-style and battery life of the Sony e-reader has made it a little easier for me to escape from the real life of teen-aged kids, household responsibilities, and work-related tasks and steal moments in a different time and place with characters like Syn and Shahara in Born of Fire. A long time fan of Kenyon's I would have got to this eventually, but the device allowed me to fit it into my here and now. A wonderful story and an enjoyable method to read it, what more could I ask for?

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