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Some People Just Suck – Record Collection Stolen

How much actual scratch could a collection of Chambers Brothers albums and singles be worth to a thief? How much is it worth to the Chambers family? Um, priceless. Some people just suck – check this out:

    I am truly heartbroken! My complete collection of my husband’s (Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers) albums and 45’s have been stolen from my home in Tarzana, California !!

    This collection has taken me 25 years to collect and I had intended to pass them on to our 2 sons. Years before Ebay, I scoured record stores and swap meets to put this collection together. There were over 60 albums and over 100 45’s stolen. Many were Chambers Brothers’ Columbia albums released by Columbia under their many foreign labels and would be needed as proof of their non-payment of years of foreign royalties.

    These Columbia albums were released under Direction Records out of England, First Records out of Korea, etc. One of their 45’s was released in Germany with an abstract orange coloring. Many of their 45’s had photo sleeve coverings all in perfect condition. I had their complete recordings from their early years with Vault Records and one of their first albums recorded with Barbara Dane on the Folkways label.

    I would like to put the word out to all record stores (especially in So. California), collectors, Ebay shoppers, etc in order to try and recover these extremely sentimental albums.

    Lola Chambers

You can contact her through her attorney Larry Feldman at [email protected]

Let’s be vigilant and try to help them out.

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