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Software Review: WP Robot 2.0 from Lunatic Studios And Thomas Höfter, Part II

In Part I of this review I described what WP Robot 2.0 was, how it worked, and what it could do for you. In Part II, I will briefly describe all of the modules that are available for WP Robot and what they do.

First after you choose a core product which I explained in Part I, there are currently ten modules that you can add to your robot. They are Amazon, Article, eBay, ClickBank, Yahoo Anwsers, YouTube, Translation, Flickr Image, Yahoo News, and RSS modules. For all but the Article, YouTube, and Translation modules, you will need an account ID to use and/or make money from providing this information to your blog.

The Amazon Module will let you create posts for any and all products sold on Amazon.com. It can also add all of the reviews that it finds and post them as comments to your site. You set this up by using keywords to narrow the subject matter. You can also use Amazon BrowseNodes to target specific categories and create niche affiliate stores on your WordPress blog. This module is $40 as a standalone module.

The Article Module will collect related articles from articlesbase.com and post them to your blog. These are free articles that, according to the site's rules, you need to include the author box in your article. This module gives you this option as well as the ability to change some of the formatting as well This module runs $25 as a standalone.

The eBay Module will let you add recent as well as popular auctions from the eBay site to your blog. If you have an eBay partner account you can monetize these auctions as well. This module will let you add up to 6 auctions to a single post. The MIX feature (see description below) will also let you add an auction to a post created by any other module as well. This module is $20 as a standalone

The ClickBank Module will let you drip-feed ads from ClickBank.com. This module, through the MIX feature, will let you add these Clickbank ads to posts from any other modules as well. This module is free and can be downloaded with the free core for you to play with as a demo systeml.

The Yahoo Answers Module will pull question and answer content from Yahoo Answers and post it to your blog. You can select any topic and niche and it will add the answers to the comments. You can post the questions from several different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. A free Yahoo Application ID is needed to use this module. The standalone price for this module is $20.

The YouTube Module will provide the ability to imbed targeted videos into your blog. It will retrieve up to 25 YouTube comments and add them to your blog as comments. You can edit the template to specify how posts will look on your blog, and there are over 30 languages available. These can be added to other posts via the MIX feature. This module is $15 as a standalone.

The Translation Module does not add new content to your blog. Rather it translates content created by the other modules into up to nine different languages. By translating from English to German to English, you can even create unique content. You have the ability to use either Google Translate or Yahoo! Babelfish, or even a random combination of both. One thing to note, these translations are not perfect and so you may have to fix up grammatical errors, bad formatting, or un-translated words. This module is $15 as a standalone.

The Flickr Image Module gives you the ability to post images from Flickr by adding photos, screenshots, and other media from Flickr.com to your posts. You do need an API Key to use this module, but there are many customizable options including image size, licensing and sort module. You can use the MIX feature to add images to posts of the other modules and even adding relevant thumbnails to posts from the article module. This module is $20 as a standalone.

The Yahoo News Module will retrieve content from Yahoo! News based on the criteria that you provide and generate posts to your blog. This service indexes millions of posts from thousands of Web sites each day and the module will let you choose from many different languages and post up to five stories per post. This module is $15 as a standalone.

The RSS modules Module lets you add any RSS feed and post its content to your blog. You can post targeted content, the full content, any comments it finds, as well as any media and video it finds as well. You can filter the feeds to only post the content related to the keywords you specify. One thing to note, while this works with many feeds, because there are so many feeds and many more created each week, there may be some that it does not work with. This module is a $20 as a standalone.

The MIX feature that was mentioned in the Clickband, eBay, YouTube, and Flickr modules allows you to use their content in all of the other WP Robot's modules. To do this there are tags that you can add in their respective templates to display this content. That is in the template area to add an eBay auction to an article, you add the tag {auction:2) and it will add two related eBay auctions to the post.

It is easy to see that if you purchased the Elite Core ($30) and all of the other modules separately it would cost you $220 total, but the version I am reviewing is the WP Robot Full Elite and it goes for $169, which is a savings of $51.

There are other packages available as well. The WP Robot Money Edition goes for $70 and contains the Elite Core plus the Amazon, eBay, and Clickbank modules. The Content Edition also contains the Elite Core and comes with Article, Clickbank, Yahoo Answers, and YouTube Modules and goes for $75.

Still skeptical? If you want you can try a demo version which contains the basic core and the Clickbank module. If you purchase WP Robot, along with a 14-day no questions money back guarantee, you get free support and free updates as well. You can also see what some samples look like as well. If you want to see what these look like, you can check out the online demo.

I found WP Robot to not only be well made and well thought out, but also a lot of fun to work with. Whether you need something to fill in a site that you already work, or want to create a totally automatic site, I very highly recommend that you check out WP Robot.

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