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If you want your images to look like you Paint Like 'Monet', then the Photographers Photoshop is the to go.

Software Review – Photographers Photoshop Paint Like ‘Monet’ From Gavin Philips

Paint Like 'Monet' is a series of actions, brushes, borders, and movies that will have you creating works of art in no time. While the art history brush is available back to Photoshop version 7, to take full advantage of this product you will need to have Photoshop CS2 or greater since this is what the creative actions will work with. Also this product is not compatible with Photoshop Elements or other graphic imaging software.

Paint Like 'Monet' allows you to transform your standard ordinary images in to ones that emulate various painting styles; including watercolor, pencil sketch, abstract, sprayed, metal imprint and others. It includes the brushes to create these works, Actions to automate them, as well as movie tutorials that will show you how emulate them in very easy steps. Once you have created your work of art, there are borders that are included that will further enhance your image.

How does Paint Like 'Monet' work? Well there are two options to allow you to create your images. The first is by using the brushes that come with the product. You will have to install the 13 brushes, but with the video that is included, installation is a snap. Once the brushes are installed, you open up an image, create a new white layer and begin brushing. This video shows how really easy it is. My first image was done with this method.

The second method is using the actions. There are 12 actions that come with Paint Like 'Monet' and they too must be installed. Again there is a video that will show you exactly how to do this and this as well is a breeze.

Once your action is installed, you open your image select the action you want to use, start it, and let it do its thing. Sometimes it will prompt you for information, or allow you to make adjustments, and sometimes it will just complete the image. Once it is complete, you will end up with your artistic image and you can take it from there, adding your own enhancements or even adding more actions to the image. The second image was done this way.

Also included in Paint Like 'Monet' are 11 borders that can be added to your image to enhance the look. There are also a number of movies; each lasting 2 to 4 minutes that will take you through learning how to use these tools.

Paint Like 'Monet' is available at the Photo online store for $84.95. But since there are four additional packages available, you can save up to 50% if you purchase all five. Here is a breakdown of how the discount works.

1 set $84.95
2 sets $129.00 (20% off)
3 sets $165.00 (30% off)
5 sets $ 199.00 (50% off)

To watch a short video example of what can be done with Paint Like 'Monet', you can visit the Photographers Photoshop website. Or to just see what other examples this set is capable of visit the Paint Like 'Monet' page.

I found that Paint Like 'Monet' is a very easy to use product and can create very stunning images. Like all things Photoshop, it will take time to get really good at it, but the learning curve is really short. The biggest help is also probably the biggest down side that I can see. The videos add to the size of the product; in this case it is over 300 megabytes. On the other side, it is what shortens the learning curve so I can live with it. If you want your images to look like you Paint Like 'Monet', then the Photographers Photoshop is the place you want to go.

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