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Infrared And Elegant Tones is easy to use and provides professional results at an affordable price.

Software Review: Photographer’s Photoshop Infrared And Elegant Tones From Gavin Philips

Infrared And Elegant Tones is a series of actions and movies that will have you creating stunning images in no time. This package will allow you to create elegant imagery without much effort on your part, or you can use them as a basis to create new imagery effects of your own.

Infrared And Elegant Tones is as easy as adding the actions to your Photoshop action list, selecting the action and pressing play. It then creates a duplicate of your image, and, depending on the action, will prompt you for information such as settings, and then it applies your changes. You can then look at the History palette to see what steps have been applied if you are interested, or you can just leave it as it is.

AntiqueAt this point you can take the image and save it, or you can customize the effect further by going into the Layers Palette and make changes via the Curves command or other Photoshop features.

What is an action? An Action is a set of recorded commands that are grouped together into a single package. They are stored on your computer in the presets folder within your Photoshop directory. Once you have it installed, all you have to do is open a photo and run the action.

Infrared And Elegant Tones contains 14 different actions. These include Infrared, Porcelain, Misty, 1950's, Antique color, Romantic, Toned Infrared, BW-Custom, Sharp BW, Soft Focus, Great Tone, Multi-Tone, and BW Batch.

On the first image I used the Antique Color and the Sharp BW and added some enhancements to pull out the darkness in the hair. For the second photo I used the Soft Focus, the BW-Custom and then used a layer mask to pull the blue out of the model's scarf.

To show you how to use this product there are 13 different videos that will teach you how to work with these actions. There is even a video that will show you how to install the actions to Photoshop.

Soft Black and WhiteAs with all of the Photographer's Photoshop packages, Infrared And Elegant Tones is incredibly easy to use and provide professional results at an affordable price. They are easy to install and can be used with quality results by almost anyone.

Infrared And Elegant Tones is available at the Photo online store for $84.95 But since there are four additional packages available, you can save up to 50% if you purchase all five. Here is a breakdown of how the discount works.

1 set $84.95
2 sets $129.00 (20% off)
3 sets $165.00 (30% off)
5 sets $ 199.00 (50% off)

To watch a short video example of what can be done, you can visit the Photoeffects website. Or to just see what other examples this set is capable of visit the Infrared And Elegant Tones page.

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