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If you do any work with databases, you will find that DatabaseSpy 2008 is a much needed tool.

Software Review: DatabaseSpy 2008 From Altova

DatabaseSpy is a multi-database query and design tool. It is able to connect to all major databases and as well is meant to ease SQL editing and database structure design for a fraction of the cost of single-database solutions. Its goal is to simplify querying, managing, visualizing, designing, and constructing relational databases.

So just what is DatabaseSpy? It is a graphical database management interface that gives you features like table browsing, data editing, SQL auto-completion (SQL IntelliSense), visual table design, and multiple export formats as well as other features to try to save you time and ensure accuracy.

 DatabaseSpy 2008What features come with the new DatabaseSpy 2008?

• Database project management – organizes your database work into a project framework that contains one or more database connections and can also include SQL files, database design files, and any tables and views you designate as favorites.

• Database content editor – lets you edit the content of database tables in an interactive preview window. This offers a convenient way to edit and manipulate content without having to have a license to the database environment.

• SQL Editor – that will help you accelerate SQL programming tasks by allowing you to develop, test, and reuse SQL queries in all major relational databases.

 DatabaseSpy 2008• Graphical database design tool – lets you see the structures and relationships of database tables and design new tables without hand writing SQL code. This gives you the ability to concentrate on the underlying structure of your data and modifications rather than on the SQL commands to implement them.

• Data import and export – lets you move data in and out of your system in a variety of formats to suit any purpose. You can export as XML, CSV, HTML, or Excel. You can also import data prepared in a CSV format compatible with your database.

• Online database browser – gives you the opportunity to explore your database content or structure. You can connect to multiple databases simultaneously so you can compare structures and content.

• Support of views and stored procedures – will let you edit and manage these resources the same way that you explore tables in the hierarchical display.

• SQL Refactoring menu – lets you reformat existing SQL statements and scripts to facilitate moving scripts between SQL dialects, for instance.

• SQL formatting dialog – lets you define personal preferences for formatting new SQL statements as they are entered.

• Graphical design editor – has been enhanced to add new operations to create keys, indexes, and constraints, making it easier to define table relationships in the design view.

 DatabaseSpy 2008DatabaseSpy provides simplicity at an affordable price. Its ability to work with both designing and editing tables, as well as the ability to write SQL, make it a must have product for someone who works with databases, and especially for those who work with multiple platforms of databases.

While it has the ability to export to XML, HTML, CSV, and Excel, the one thing that I wish it had was the ability to move data from one database/table to another in a direct manner. On the other hand, making connections is easy, working with and modifying the tables is easy, as is working with SQL editing.

The true power of DatabaseSpy is its ease of use, the ability to connect to many different types of databases without having to have a specific license, and its inexpensive price. If you work with databases, you will find that DatabaseSpy 2008 is a much needed tool.

DatabaseSpy 2008 is available from Altova for $149.00 USD. It is also part of the combination MissionKits that are available. Still unsure, you can download a 30-day trial version as well.

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