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Adobe Acrobat Pro gives you the ability present information to clients in a way that will WOW them.

Software Review: Adobe Acrobat X Pro From Adobe Systems

The most powerful PDF creation software has been upgraded and is bringing to the table many new features especially for those who use it to collaborate in groups. In an attempt to meet the needs of business professionals who must work together more effectively, Adobe has just released the latest generation of Acrobat Dynamic PDF.

This new version promises to promote better collaboration both inside and outside the organization. By combining the power of the desktop with complementary online services, Acrobat X will provide the solutions to enhance how you work. You can check out the system requirements online.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

So what is new with Adobe Acrobat Pro X?

• Action Wizard is a feature that will save you time while helping you to standardize you’re working processes. The Action Wizard lets you create, manage, and execute a sequence of frequently used steps in a standardized way that can be applied to single PDF files or batches of files. You can share an Action with anyone in your group, team, or organization to ensure that processes for working with and preparing PDF documents are followed consistently.

• Manage shared reviews will let you can work better with everyone — coworkers, customers, partners, and suppliers — both inside and outside your organization. Acrobat X lets you easily manage shared reviews and solicit, collect, and aggregate team feedback. And now, anyone with the free Adobe Reader can join the review process — all with access to sticky notes and highlighting commenting tools, as well as full control and security.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

• Enhanced data collection now makes gathering information from PDF forms even easier. In the past data collection has sometimes involved using costly IT resources and systems, or printing hard-copy forms and rekeying data. By using Acrobat X to convert forms to PDF, anyone using the free Adobe Reader software can fill and save PDF forms automatically—with no more printing, faxing, or retyping information

• Adobe SendNow will let you send large files with confidence. SendNow is a valuable new service, will enable you to send and receive large files, and track them with proof of receipt, so you can avoid e-mail gateway issues, complicated FTP servers, or the costs of expensive overnight mail. Send files up to 100MB in size with Adobe free online services, and up to 2GB with a subscription-based account.

• Content Reuse has been made easier for you to extract content from PDF files for reuse in applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word. Now, right from within Acrobat X without any additional conversion engines or third-party software, you can convert entire PDF files or portions of them into accurate, fully formatted, and completely editable files; retaining graphics, text formatting, paragraphs, headers and footers, text boxes, columns, tables, and more and making repurposing faster and pain-free. You can also search across a single or multiple PDF files and then export the search results to another PDF file or to a spreadsheet.

• Enhanced removal of information can be more securely accomplished before sharing them with customers, colleagues, or constituents. To protect sensitive information in documents, it is often necessary or required for individuals or organizations to remove certain content. With Acrobat X, you can easily find hidden information — including metadata, annotations, attachments, form fields, layers, and bookmarks — and delete it as needed.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

• Enhanced security tools will let you and your team share information and collaborate inside and outside the organization with ease. But because the information you share is often proprietary, you need to safeguard the content with built-in controls. Acrobat X now offers the ability to assess the strength of password strings.

• Enhanced paper-to-digital for scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) has been greatly enhanced for searching within scanned documents. New compression capabilities during scanning enable you to create smaller files than ever while still retaining high quality and exceptional image fidelity.

• PDF Portfolio Wizard gives you the ability to assemble content into PDF Portfolios in three easy steps. Apply new layouts, visual themes, and color palettes to customize your PDF Portfolio. Easily add corporate logos and colors to reflect your branding.

• Standards-compliant PDF documents will allow you to confirm that your documents conform to ISO standards PDF/A, PDF/E, and PDF/X, and fix documents that do not. Check to ensure your documents are accessible to people with disabilities. Validate documents for conformance to standards and accessibility. Keyboard accessibility, read-out-loud functionality, and screen reader support are all enhanced when working with forms and PDF Portfolios.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe really delivers with Acrobat X Pro in this go around. It starts with an improved interface not only makes Acrobat look fresh – it looks like it belongs in this century. It is slim and trim and very functional It is all very convenient and well thought out. Next you have the ability to scan to OCR and turn your paper documents into searchable documents.

Then you add the ability to convert from a PDF to an Word or Excel document that you can edit, the improvements to the data gathering part of an Acrobat document, the PDF portfolio improvements, the automation abilities, and not to overlook the speed improvements, this is a pretty hefty update. If you collaborate and a premier platform from which to work from, if you already use Adobe Acrobat and are wondering if you should upgrade, I think there is no question that you should and so highly recommend Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

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