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Getting a tech job doesn’t always mean working in a tech industry. There are plenty of companies outside of the traditional industry looking for your technological skill set.

Six Tech Jobs in Non-Tech Industries


As a techie, finding work should be easy, right? There are thousands of tech companies looking for qualified specialists to further their research and development. However, hundreds of thousands of other people had the same idea as you, and with such a fierce market, what do you do when you can’t find a job? Try a non-tech industry.

Almost every field has jobs for people who know their way around the technology field, not just those directly related to programming or IT. These jobs may have a lower level of prestige than those directly in the IT industry, the pay is comparable, and often even better. If you’re looking for a tech-related job, here are a few options to try.

  1. Project Managers

Being a project manager in any industry isn’t only about being a leader who can delegate efficiently and get the job done. It’s also about having a set of hard skills that ensures the project stands out and is completed efficiently. Almost every project today requires technology in some form, and your skill set may be just what companies need to get the ball rolling on any project in 2015.

  1. Entertainment Specialists

There’s a surprising amount of technological work that goes into entertainment. Most people don’t realize what it takes in computer programming and development to produce a high quality show. The entertainment business is one of the largest enterprises in the world, and it has well-paying, prestigious jobs that will fit your skill set easily.

If you have a knack for anything to do with sound systems, lighting, programming, or coding, entertainment might be the perfect avenue for you. Directors and producers are always looking for tech people as they produce high-quality shows.

One of the best things about this career path is that you can often find freelance work. For example, Michael Palance, executive producer of the reality show My Hollywood, hosts a biannual talent showcase. There’s a lot of work that goes into these shows, and his entertainment specialists are guaranteed a well-paying job for a few months out of the year. Gigs like this are great if you’re looking for a flexible schedule or something to tide you over until you’ve found a more permanent position.

  1. Technology Brokers

Technology brokers research different industries to determine how tech jobs can fit into those markets. Then, they find employment for those in the tech industry looking for jobs outside the tech job market. This occupation is perfect for those looking to expand their horizons as technology specialists.

  1. Service Architects

There are many companies in need of service architects who facilitate communication and reliability over a cloud of networks. This helps companies to stay on top of all of their information and keep their storage and online communication systems up and running. Positions in service architecture can be found in just about any field.

  1. User-Experience Designers

Often shortened to UX, user-experience designers are needed by any company that utilizes internet marketing. Whether you find a position with an SEO company or an independent situation with your own company, your skill set is integral for understanding exactly what users want and need from a website or app and then working with the technology available to deliver it. This job is perfect for those who lean a little more towards the graphic design side of IT.

  1. Information Insight Enablers

Essentially, these people give computers the information they need to solve problems, and they’re needed in any field. From business managers to entertainment specialists, there’s a wide array of employers looking for people to turn information into something their computer programs can use.

As you can see, getting a tech job doesn’t always mean working in a tech industry. There are plenty of companies outside of the traditional industry looking for your technological skill set.

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