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Tomorrow marks the Seattle Seahawks' second Super Bowl appearance in their 38th year in the NFL. What makes this year's team different from the past?

Six Health Tips I’ve Noticed About the Super Bowl XLVIII-Bound Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are playing in the upcoming Super Bowl for only the second time in their 38-year history. What makes this team different from the 36 Seattle teams that never made it?  

Go Hawks!
Go Hawks!

I suspect it has something to do with the mental attitude fostered by coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. These two have nurtured team qualities of thought that have contributed to their success. According to recent health reports, these same spiritual characteristics are also health promotive. As a Seahawks fan and health writer, I’ve listed six that I’ve observed to be a good basis for healthy living.

1. Remember to smile, laugh and have fun.

Carroll is fun, enthusiastic and positive. A recent NFL Nation/ESPN survey found Carroll is the overwhelming favorite NFL coach that players want to play for. His infectious attitude has also contributed to igniting one of the largest and certainly the loudest fan base in the NFL.

2. Be confident and expectant of good.

The Seahawks are not a fearful group, they’re confident and expect to win. They seem to see success as natural and normal. Even when they run into a setback, which isn’t often, they remain buoyant and resilient.

3. Don’t let yourself be misdiagnosed.

Being misdiagnosed is a problem in health care and football too. When it comes to assessing athletes, Carroll and Schneider defy conventional wisdom. When other teams have responded to negative reports often based on empirical measurements, the Hawks have looked deeper into the subjective nature of each player. They take the time to find strengths others may have missed.

Take Seattle’s Derrick Coleman, the first deaf offensive player in the NFL. Or quarterback Russell Wilson, considered too short and passed over until the sixth round of the draft. Yet, Wilson has amassed more victories in his first two seasons than any quarterback in NFL history, not to mention the fact that he has led his team to this year’s Super Bowl!

4. Be grateful.

In press conferences and TV interviews, this team never stops being grateful. They thank their fans, their teammates, their coaches and for the opportunity to play.

5. Be tolerant.

Some may feel Richard Sherman talks too much and Marshawn Lynch too little, but the Seahawks seem to nurture everyone to be themselves.

6. Care for others.

The Seahawks value their players. Despite the significant expense to acquire outstanding wide receiver Percy Harvin, the team has been conscientious in not playing him unless he is 100%. They refused to put his longterm health in jeopardy. Carroll is also quick to correct player mistakes, but he does so outside the public eye. He helps them be better players by turning mistakes into teachable moments. Even opposing Super Bowl QB Peyton Manning praises Carroll for how well he once treated him. 

If you find yourself being given a limited assessment of your well-being or value, remember the 2014 Seahawks. Many of them refused to accept how they were once perceived and persevered to Super Bowl XLVIII. Go Hawks!

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