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Every year thousands of products are recalled, including many children's products that can create real danger.

Six 2015 Product Recalls

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Every year thousands of products are recalled. Lawsuits often result and legal problems affect both the company and the consumer. Recalled products are taken off the market, and consumers should cease using them immediately. Here are some products that have been recalled this year:

  1. Elmira Hydraulic Residential Hydraulic Elevators

For one disabled boy in Baltimore, a hydraulic elevator in his own home seemed like a dream come true—until the elevator began running while the gate was open, nearly crushing the child and causing a catastrophic brain injury. This and two other incidents this year led to the recall of all Elmira hydraulic residential elevators. Owners of these elevators are advised to stop using the elevators immediately and call Coastal Carolina Elevator for a free repair.

  1. Levels of Discovery Fly Boy Airplane Rocker

This child’s rocking chair designed to look like an airplane was recalled on March 12 because of a choking hazard. The rocking chair is meant for children between the ages of two and five, but there are small parts that easily detach from the chair, creating a choking hazard and making it unsafe for children to use.

  1. La-Z-Boy Control Wands

Those who have bought La-Z-Boy recliners within the last year should check their control wands before use. One control wand sold with the Silver Luxury Lift Chairs has been reported to heat up and burn people who were adjusting their recliners.

  1. Melville Direct Aquarium Motion Lamp

This lamp resemlbes a plasma television that displays a motion picture of an aquarium. It’s a nice design piece, but it poses a fire hazard. Eleven incidents have been reported of the lamp overheating and sparking when plugged in.

  1. Safety Step Walk-In Tub

Safety Step’s latest walk-in hydro-massage bathtub with heated seats for elderly and disabled patients isn’t such a “safe step” after all. There have been several reports of mild burns when the heated seat gets stuck in the “on” position.

  1. Tommy Bahama Hula Girl Cocktail Shaker

This cocktail set, featuring a cute hula girl on the glass, may make a nice conversation piece at parties, but is also a dangerous product. There have been five reports of the glass shaker breaking while in use, including one laceration requiring several stitches.

What to Do If You Own a Recalled Product

What should you do if you own a recalled product? According to this blog post from Bohn Law, “If you receive a letter that a product you purchased has been recalled, you should also receive instructions about issue resolution. This could mean, for instance, replacing parts or the entire product at the manufacturer’s expense.”

Product recalls don’t expire, and you can find a list of all recalled products on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website. If you find that you own any of the products listed, follow these steps:

  • Stop using the product.
  • Contact the manufacturer for further instructions regarding compensation and/or replacement/repair processes.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for injuries and document them with written and photo evidence.
  • Contact a lawyer for more information regarding what you’re entitled to with this product recall.

The best thing to do with a recalled product is to stop using it immediately, even if you think you’ll be fine. Take the proper steps to either dispose of the product or get it repaired, and contact the company if you have any questions.

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