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Silver Screen Ozzy

There is so much going on with the Osbournes you could write a blog just about them (let me know if there is one). The first family of metal will be back on MTV in November, daughter Kelly has a new CD coming out, and now Sharon has announced that she is working on a biopic of addled husband Ozzy:

    Ozzy Osbourne is close to signing a deal with a major studio for a biopic about his wild life and times, according to his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

    Asked whether she could see her successful MTV series “The Osbournes” make the leap to the big screen, Ms. Osbourne said, “I wouldn’t want to do a comedy film because we’re working on Ozzy’s life-story film right now,” she said. “We haven’t signed the deal, but we’re really close to closing the deal.”

    Osbourne would not reveal which studio she is negotiating with, but did disclose one of the film’s scriptwriters is herself. “I’m doing a lot of it,” she said.

    “Osbournes” fans hoping the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness will star as himself will be disappointed. “He wouldn’t be in it himself,” she said, but named the person atop her wish list of thespians who might portray her husband: Johnny Depp.

    “I have a dream of who it could be, but I don’t know if he’ll do it,” she said. “He’s a brilliant actor.”

    But Depp won’t get any calls until the studio in question is under contract. “Until it’s actually signed we won’t be talking to anyone,” she said.

    Osbourne revealed her movie plans in an interview about the upcoming 10-episode season of her MTV series, which has been scheduled to premiere Nov. 26. Refuting reported rumors that her treatment for cancer could push the debut into next year, Osbourne said she is in relatively good health given the circumstances and won’t shy away from depicting her struggle with the disease on the air. “We’re still an open book,” she said.

    Although MTV will even go as far as showing Osbourne undergoing chemotherapy, the series will not seem downbeat, according to Lois Curren, senior VP of music development at MTV and the executive in charge of the “Osbournes” production. “The show is as humorous as it ever was,” she said. “The illness is not the focus of their lives.”

    But there will be dramatic moments this season as well. “We will see how the family finds out and deals with the knowledge that Sharon has cancer,” said Curren. “We’re going to handle it like the family is handling it: with brutal honesty.”

We wish Sharon nothing but the best of health. I wonder if my wife will write my biopic one day – no Johnny Depp for me though.

We have much more on the Osbournes: they go unbeeped in Canada, and Pat Boone gives the Osbournes the thumbs up as neighbors.

Ooh, just found a little more Osbournia:

    Ozzy-mania even extended to Buckingham Palace, where rock’s heavily tattooed “Prince of Darkness” was introduced to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month at the Golden Jubilee pop concert in her honor.

    This season, the show will feature a new member of the clan, 18-year-old Robert Marcato, a family friend whose mother recently died of cancer and has moved in with the Osbournes. They are in the process of legally adopting him.

    Melinda the nanny also will return, along with an ever-expanding collection of dogs and cats and various other characters who drift in and out of the Osbourne household.

    The show also will incorporate scenes from Ozzy’s touring schedule over the summer, a trip to Washington last May to dine with the president, and Kelly’s bid to launch a recording career as a singer.

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