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Colorado man confesses to sexually abusing impoverished Haitian boys.

Shame On You, Douglas Perlitz

How unfortunate that Haitians are being forced to face the reality that some of their young citizens have been victims of sexual exploitation. It was not too long ago that I was celebrating the news about Haiti participating in the Miss Universe contest after a 22-year absence. That news gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in the depths of my soul.

Perusing the web last night I stumbled upon an article about Douglas Perlitz, a Colorado man accused of molesting young Haitian boys in exchange for giving them food, shelter, and education. How despicable of Mr. Perlitz to commit such acts against helpless children.

Life has dealt a very cruel hand to these children. Most of them, instead of going to school, spend the day roaming the streets in search of a few morsels of bread. A frail body, thin limbs, and reddish hair are usually the telltale signs of acute malnutrition, and for Douglas Perlitz these children were easy prey.

Mr. Perlitz, you are lower than a worm. You have taken advantage of innocent children and I hope you get what you deserve: a 30-year prison sentence. You had a choice: you could have been a hero, but instead you chose to be a menace to society who should be locked up for a very long time.

I applaud the young victims who had the courage to report the abuse. Mr. Perlitz thought he had all bases covered, because even his staff members were scared to come forward for fear of losing their jobs. Though it was wrong for the staff members not to report the abuse, I do understand why they were afraid. Mr. Perlitz used the poor economic situation in Haiti to keep his employees from exposing his abuse.

Sexual predators seem to think they will never be exposed for who they are. I believe in karma, and I am convinced that eventually those who lurk in secret to hurt others, especially children, will get what they deserve. For nearly a decade Mr. Perlitz preyed on impoverished and powerless street children in Haiti. Now the tide has turned and the truth has been exposed. Have a happy time in jail, Mr. Perlitz!

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