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Musgo Del Jefe offers suggestions on what's worth watching for the upcoming week.

Senses Working Overtime: This Week in Television (12/9/07)

Written by Musgo Del Jefe

No. 10 – Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (TNT) (FRI) I don't have my exact final list of Top 100 movies yet – but I don't know if there will be a movie from the 2000's that will finish higher than this Peter Jackson masterpiece. The best of the trilogy only because it continually exceeded my expectations at every step. There's not enough room here to go into everything that makes this movie so wonderful, but a few things are the Balrog, the Ringwraiths, the Shire, Merry and Pippin, and Christopher Lee as Saruman. I can picture watching this film on a yearly basis for most of the rest of my life and my kids and their kids doing the same.

Holiday In Handcuffs (FAM) 1. If this wasn't on FAM, I'd expect quite a different film with a title like that. 2. This stars Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, June Lockhart and Markie Post. Can you just imagine the "Random Former TV Stars Cast Generator" that got involved here? I imagine it more of a wheel than computer generator. Maybe a wheel like The Price Is Right. "This movie will star Jeannie Garth (click), nope it just landed on Sabrina the Teenage Witch".

Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2007 (SPIKE) Or as it's known around here: Musgo's Xmas shopping list.

Anthony Bourdain's Holiday Special (TRAVEL) Need something not so treacly sweet for the holidays? Here's a guy that likes his eats and drinks, not necessarily in that order, enjoying the holidays.

I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown (ABC) If Charlie Brown's name wasn't on this, your expectations would be lowered and you'd find this to be an entertaining piece from 2003. You mainly get Linus and Lucy's younger brother, Rerun and Snoopy. It's not bad, but don't expect the classic with the little tree.

Life On Mars (BBC) The second season starts and Sam is still in 1973. The first season of this is a must-see and will probably make a much better US adaptation than Viva Blackpool did.

Shrek The Halls (ABC) If you missed it the first time around, here it comes again. It's actually pretty entertaining with some jokes for the whole family. It's destined to be something that hits my Tivo every season.

Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) Gordon raps up this season. I know there are some fans of his out there – how was this series compared to the Hell's Kitchen show? I did turn over a few times just to here Gordon go insane and yell his head off.

CSI: NY (CBS) I'm running out of new CSI episodes, so it's time to start rationing them on the Tivo. This week Laughing Larry sells joke items…until someone dies. I hope it's an exploding cigar.

My Name Is Earl (NBC) Earl's out of prison! Giovanni Ribisi and Alyssa Milano help Earl see two options – good Earl or bad Earl. The episode is titled "Bad Earl," so I'm not sure it's a mystery which option he chooses. That's okay – even though Alyssa Milano still looks cute, Giovanni is funny as heck on this show.

CSI (CBS) How long after the Michael Vick thing went down did someone on the staff start writing a dog-fighting episode? Like two minutes? Tonight, the episode finally makes it to air.

Saturday Night Live Christmas (NBC) Years of SNL Christmas sketches. None from this year, of course. While I like the classics, I still tune in just to see "Martha Stewart's Topless Christmas."

2007 World Magic Awards (MYNETWORK) So many jokes to make here, but what a combination of hosts – Pamela Anderson and Roger Moore host! Is Doug Henning up for a Lifetime Achievement Award yet?

It's A Wonderful Life (NBC) A classic that I've watched just about every single year since 1982. You gotta bet that I'll make it a nice 25 years in a row this time around. You go, Clarence.

Sweeney Todd Movie Special (LOGO) It's on Logo? Is that right? What kind of musical is this? I thought it was murder and baked goods?

30 Rock (NBC) This is a good way to fill the schedule and maybe attract some new viewers. 30 Rock and Chuck repeats are about as good as you're going to do on a Saturday night in the middle of December.

TV-ON-DVD TO OWN (to be released December 11)
1. Lost (Complete 3rd Season) It took me half the season to get back on board with the story. But it ended well and this series doesn't cheat you on extras. Worth the addition to your library.

2. Beverly Hills 90210 (Complete 3rd Season) It didn't take me half of this season to be on board with the story. It's all good from the start. While Brenda's away – Dylan and Kelly get together. And Donna drinks too much at the Prom!

3. Flight 29 Down (Season 1) Great timing to release this with the current season of Lost. This kid's version of Lost on Discovery Kids is fun and it mirrors the first season of Lost pretty well without being nearly as scary. Likable cast had us tuning in each week until their final fate was decided this past fall.

4. Big Love (Complete 2nd Season) Another pay-cable show that I know I should be watching.

5. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (Complete 3rd Season) A good week for third seasons. Gotta love some Gomer.

I'd given up on seeing anymore Space Ghost Coast To Coast, but if you go to the adult swim web site, Space Ghost Coast To Coast – The 1998 Episodes are available on a single disc for only $12.00. Not many episodes, but classics with Ben Stiller, Emo Phillips, and Kevin Smith are in this time period. In bummer news, 30 Days (Complete 2nd Season) has been delayed until March 11, 2008. Hopefully that will correspond with a new season on FX!

TOP 5 ADDS TO YOUR NETFLIX QUEUE (released December 4)
5. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End. It didn't end as well as it started. But I never dreamt that I would watch one, let alone three movies based on a ride at Disneyland. Nice to have Geoffrey Rush back in the fold.

4. Lady Chatterley. Winner of five Cesar awards and one of the better novels I read in my Modern Literature class in school.

3. Erik The Viking. Monty Python vet, Terry Jones, directs this uneven but occasionally funny comedy starring Tim Robbins. Lots of cheap jokes but John Cleese's small role is hilarious.

2. Nanny Diaries. Yeah, it's not going to be your favorite movie of the year. But it's from American Splendor director Shari Springer Berman and it stars Paul Giamatti and Scarlett Johansson.

1. Superbad. Another week of releases and another movie that might be in the Top 5 movies of the year. Sure, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill are wonderful. But I've got one word for you: McLovin. ("What are you Seal?")

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